Male Sexuality

Men’s Favorite Sex Positions

According to male jerks [like you & I]
the preferred position is girl on top,
facing you. The cowgirl just beats
the missionary as favourite.

It’s no surprise that this classic male pleasure
position has stood the test of time; maximum
penetration for both partners allows for some
of the best sex imaginable.


She puts most of the effort into this position.
You can lie back and enjoy the view as she bobs
and jiggles her way (and yours) to orgasm.

The cowgirl also provides maximum penetration,
which equals maximum stimulation for you.

If she’s especially self-conscious about her body,
try suggesting the reverse cowgirl instead.

It’s the same idea, but facing the opposite direction.
This position will feel just as good while alleviating
any concerns she might have about feeling overexposed.

Around the bend

Deep thrusting is a primal sexual urge
experienced by most men. Unfortunately,
many traditional positions prevent thrusting
to the hilt, which can leave a little
something to be desired when it comes to sex.

This male pleasure position, however, in which
you bend her over the nearest piece of furniture,
will satisfy that urge from the moment of penetration.

With her legs spaced and her rump in the air,
you’ll be able to thrust deeply without having
to worry about injuring her during the act.

If she complains about the lack of intimacy,
you can resolve this by simply leaning forward
until your chest is touching her back.

This will make her feel it’s a
shared experience, and not just
there for your pleasure.

Inverted rear

This is another male pleasure position that
makes thrusting easy. Lie down on your back
and have her lie on top of you facing upwards.

Grab her thighs and spread her legs
apart until she’s in a reverse straddle.

Because to her positioning, her
mobility will be limited but yours
will be relatively unencumbered.

Once she’s on top of you, you can
thrust as deeply as you like, for
as long as you like – preferably
until she’s screaming your name.

Wild sex in this position can make it difficult
for a woman to stay balanced; be sure to keep
a firm hold of her thighs to help her stay on top.

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