Sexual Excitement

Lose Yourself in Sex: Dazed & Amazed

A complete losing of yourself in the moment,
embracing the fact that you need this more
than anything else in the world right now.

Time stands still, and it could be five
minutes or five hours, but it doesn’t
matter – nothing else matters.

Intensity & Passion

He took her in strong, fierce strokes with an
intensity that thrilled her. Even the gruff,
desperate sounds he made were deliciously arousing.

When he growled crude profanity
in her ear, a naughty sense of
excitement shot through her veins.

Yet the wilder he grew, the safer
she felt. His need for her was so
palpable, so raw. As though he would
die before he let her go.

Dazed & Amazed

A dazed look came across his face: flushed cheeks,
glazed eyes, lips wet and full. He looked intoxicated,
and I felt so proud to be the one intoxicating him.

Or was it simply being in a pussy, a wet pussy?
Not dry-wet from seawater, but wet with secretions.

Was this why he looked so far gone, so out of it?
Could it be anyone’s pussy? I wanted to believe
it was me and that he felt about my pussy like
I felt about his cock: frankly, it amazed me.

Fucking Three-Way

I’m a twenty-something female hipster
and very much into ménage à trois.

My first time was overwhelming. I found myself between t
two hot bodies sharing the most intimate parts of ourselves,

A teacher and caterer in their late thirties,
John & Helen were well-off and lived the life
of two sophisticated, urban adults.

They explained to me that while their connection
as a couple was strong, their sexual desires had
become monotonous.

To them, the idea of sex without emotional
connection at this point in their lives
seemed distracting and unappealing, so
they began searching for a perfect
addition to their love lives: me.

Helen unbuttoned my blouse while John slid off
my skinny jeans. Within seconds, I found myself
naked on his lap with my hands pulling on her
hair and his lips sucking on my neck.

Both of them devoured me with their lips,
tongues and bodies, and the rest of the
night was a true homage to sex and geometry.

It Takes Three

Stress Relief

Sex Reduces Stress

Everyone’s so stressed out these days.
It shuts down your brain and damages
your immune system, leads to high blood
pressure, and even low sex drive.

You can try your hardest to reduce stress.
You promise yourself to travel less for work,
take your time answering emails, turn off
your phone by a set time nightly, sleep more,
and hit the gym. Or, you can just have more sex.

Turns out sex is the ultimate stress reliever.
Think of sex as a wellness thing.

As in: you can go to yoga, work on your deep breathing,
get a massage, drink some green juice, and eat organic.
Or you can have more sex.

Every Man Needs a Mistress
[Up to a Point]

You may invest in your lover as if he’s your
boyfriend, but to the rest of the world in
all ways that matter, you are single.

If people ask: no, you’re not seeing anyone.
You have no date to the Christmas party.

He can’t pick you up from surgery, or help
you move, or be there if your parent dies,
or answer your phone call at the end of a terrible day.

If you are in an accident and land
in hospital, he can’t race to your side.
It may be days before your “boyfriend” even finds out.

“Bend over my desk.
Spread your legs and
play with yourself.”

I watched as she complied with my command. She sauntered
over to my desk and her hand slipped between her legs.

She rested her head and chest on the cool wood while three
fingers strummed over the quickly hardening clit.

I headed over to her, my eyes glued to the motions of
her fingers. Kneeling on the rug brought my face to
within inches of the wetness I so wanted to enter.

I brought my face closer and pulled in a deep breath,
savoring the musk that wafted off her.

My tongue slipped over her fingers and between the swollen
lips. Her creaminess coated me. I happily lapped it up.

Water Nymph from Nick DuPlessis on Vimeo.

Female Masturbation [Edging]

Orgasm control [denial], is achieved by edging,
or bringing yourself close to orgasm and then stopping.

To get kinky with orgasm control during solo sex,
edge yourself three times with at least three-minute
breaks in-between each time you masturbate.
Then go for the orgasm.

Edging with a vibrator, or otherwise, can help you
reach new heights of pleasure because the buildup
over time can make your orgasms stronger.

Solo Play

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