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Alice Erotica

My face flushes. Desire heats me, making it
so, so, so tempting to let him catch me.

His voice drops, sliding over my body like velvet.
“Don’t you want me to pet you, Alice? Eh? I can
pet very well, you know.”

I shake my head. I don’t want him to pet me.
I want him to lick, suck and fuck my pink kitty raw.

My name is Alice and I used to be a dull,
dull girl. That changed one night when I
followed a beautiful man dressed in white
into an alley, kissed him until I fell at
his feet, and ended up in a violent, lustful
world called Wonderland.

Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece, the wildly imaginative book
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has been
somewhat tainted by the recent discovery of a shocking
image in his photograph collection.

It suggests that the English author’s interest in
children might not have been so innocent after all.

Photographs of children dominate his collection.
Among the most troublesome pictures, there’s an
image of a pubescent girl called Lorina Liddell
in the nude in a full-frontal pose.

Lewis Carroll Kissing Alice Liddell

Cultures are like caterpillars. They crawl forward in
contradictions, drawing back and then suddenly springing forward.

The Victorians, famously puritanical, are also famous
for providing the template of modern pornography.

The words “Victorian classic” on a
paperback has long meant a dirty book.

All that sense, decorum, and propriety produced
the first fully achieved literature of nonsense.

Like the porn, it was amazingly generative.

Most works of Dada and Surrealism bear the
marks of mid-Victorian Englishness,
descending from Lewis Carroll and Edward
Lear, as much as modern erotica takes on
those nineteenth-century disguises.

Of the two great makers of nonsense, Carroll
rightly has received more attention, because
of his twists and quirks, because of his
photography and the ghost of pedophilia
falsely supposed to cling to his obsessions.

Maybe it’s the fact that Wonderland isn’t supposed
to look like a dingy abandoned warehouse.

Maybe it’s the fact that Alice is
supposed to be a 7-year-old.

Alice Wets The Bed

Maybe it’s the fact that the White
Rabbit isn’t supposed to be a stripper.

There are many contributing factors as to why
this Alice in Wonderland porn parody shouldn’t
give you an erection.

Erotic with Alice

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