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tender is the lust
Alice in Erotica

Alice’s Sexual Discovery in Wonderland

The book, an erotic version of Alice in Wonderland, is Betty Adams’ debut novella. It is NOT an erotic romance; it is raw, relentless erotica.

WARNING: This portrayal of Alice contains her sexual discoveries with hot, strong men and their unique, fantastic talents and lots of sex with strangers!

When you read this book and its steamy, explicit sexual content, the Cheshire cat won’t be the only one wearing a wicked grin. an erotic version of Alice in Wonderland, isn’t an erotic romance. It’s raw, relentless pornography.

It’s an exciting new erotic twist on the old fairytale. As you follow Alice through her journey, you will find yourself slipping into her delectable fantasies.

The descriptions involve all of your senses, letting you feel each teasing touch, taste every musky man, and smell the steam of sex. Just when you think Alice is done teasing you, a new scenario pops up that will leave you craving more.

Alice has never experienced an orgasm. She’s never felt that loss more keenly than when trying to express her interest in childhood heart-throb Jack, her family’s gardener.

When she falls down the rabbit hole and enters into this strange new Wonderland, this singular shortcoming becomes her driving challenge to overcome.

From one lover to the next, one highly-charged erotic situation to the next, we get to follow Alice in pursuit of the big O.

You don’t have to be a fan of the original story to keep up with and fall in love with this author’s rendition. This is not your grandmother’s Harlequin. You won’t find your standard-issue, color-by-numbers romance anywhere in these pages.

I loved this book and I thought the ending particularly wonderful. This story is both fun and funny, strangely modern and yet with a Victorian-era feel to the description, and sexy as fuck to read.

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