Taboo Titillation

Are Teen Girls Sexualised?

The new Netflix movie Cuties has received some
negative reviews for the way it is portraying
young women and sending mixed messages to other
young females.

The French-made film is a coming of age story among
four friends when an 11-year-old girl joins a hip-hop team.

The French movie poster shows four girls laughing
together with shopping bags whereas Netflix’s poster
shows the girls in provocative outfits in sexualized poses.

Barely Innocent

A teacher has been sentenced to 10 years
in prison after taking a 14-year-old boy
to her hotel room and having sex with him.

She recklessly sent him nude photos
of herself. He bragged about her to
his friends and showed them the photos.

The boy’s parents got wind of this,
reporting the teacher to the police.

The prosecutor claimed the teacher was guilty
of stealing the innocence of a child. Really?
Perhaps the boy was fortunate to be shown
the ropes at such a young but ripe age.

barely innocent

Fueling fantasies of men
who want sex with young girls

delicious vixen

Eileen Kelly is equal parts seductress and doe-eyed
ingénue as she lies on her white bed, in her
all-white room — the only accents of color coming
from her shimmering blue top and favorite pink light-bulb.

“Any time I have a guy over, he’s like, ‘Are you sure your
dad’s not in the room next door?’ It’s such a childlike room”.

Girls Exposed on Instagram

Instagram is filled with sexualised images of
teenage girls. Under the guise of “modelling”
the girls were posed in dance- and swim-wear.

post coital pose

There are girls standing, hip to the side, pulling on
bikini bottoms. Others are posed with arched backs
and spread legs. Backsides to camera, arms overhead.

Girls look wistfully back at the camera, lips parted.
Side-shots capture girls with backsides pushed out.

Girls are posed in underwear, bikinis, standing
in front of mirrors with measuring tape.

Rough Trade

taste of kink

Like child beauty pageants 2.0, these Instagram
pages are an early introduction to beauty practices,
promoting a preoccupation with physical appearance
and body weight. These pages expose girls to sexual
attention from predatory men, putting them at risk.

Pierced Labia

pierced labia

Fear-mongering tabloid hysteria. Predators and pedophilies.
Creating dread in suburbia. These sort of stories, written
to create shock, are the usual click-bait fodder.

Leg-Up Talent

leg up talent

A John who who wanted to stay anonymous told us he solicits
escorts on Instagram by looking for models who pose alone
on yachts, private jets, exotic vacations, and wear luxury items.

As well as those who post personal email addresses
using domains like Yahoo! or Gmail rather than listing
a legitimate modeling agency like Elite or Ford.

“I email her first saying she’s beautiful. Then, I ask
how much her time is worth. How much would lunch cost me… $500?”

We go back and forth until we reach an agreement.
If she’s meets me in person, then I know she’s
willing to do anything for money.”

The John said that IG prostitutes can make a range of money
for sexual favors starting at around $500 per hour, and that
seasoned escorts can bank over $10,000 for an overnight stay.