Dirty Talk

Are You Coming for Me? Dirty Sex Language

1. Cum for me

Don’t lead with this. Wait for the moment.
This sort of positive reinforcement makes
a difference.

When these three words are lustfully put together
in the midst of sex they sound like the human
equivalent of a mating call.

If you’ve already finished, it never
hurts to let him know that you’re getting
something out of him having an orgasm, too.

2. Do what you like to me

How well do you know this guy? Is he
the sort of person who’s going to be
baffled by too many options?

Are you cool with that? If he checks
all the good boxes, let the show go on.
Just proceed with caution, and know
those firm directions.

3. I love how you feel inside me

By the time you say this to your partner,
he’s almost definitely already thinking
the same thing. This is low-risk, high-reward.

4. Fuck me

Throw this line out there and a man
will bite, so to speak.

Sure, it feels a bit simple, and maybe
it’s even a bit normal and overdone,
but it’s also a classic.

Some extra advice. Steer clear of substituting
with a PG-version, like do me! or, give it to me!

Censorship is lame. Part of what makes this
great dirty talk is that it’s dirty.

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Sexual Euphoria

Peak Sexual Experience

Most men consider orgasming at the same time
as their partner the peak sexual experience.
Women are less bothered about coming together.

Orgasm enables women to covertly evaluate
and select high-quality males in order to
ensure the fitness of resulting offspring.

Computer software objectively
measured the male partner’s facial
masculinity and symmetry, markers of
attractiveness and genetic quality.

The results showed that women with more
attractive partners had more frequent
orgasms during or after their partner’s
ejaculation, a time window believed
to be optimal for sperm retention.

Women partnered with particularly masculine
and dominant partners also reported more
frequent orgasms.

Because of the correlation between orgasm
and men of high genetic quality, the results
support the mate-choice theory of female orgasm.


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