Are You Having Great Sex ?

Great sex has everything to do with your headspace
and mindset, no matter your experience level,
number of partners, body shape, orgasmic abilities,
or how many trains you have to take to meet with a hookup.

This Is Not
the Dawn of Sexual

Perhaps up to eighty percent of college students
report engaging in sexual acts outside committed
relationships—a figure that is usually cast as
the result of increasingly lax social mores,
a proliferation of alcohol-fuelled parties,
and a potentially violent frat culture.

Critics see the high rates of casual sex as an
“epidemic” of sorts that is taking over society
as a whole. Hookup culture, we hear, is demeaning
women and wreaking havoc on our ability to
establish stable, fulfilling relationships.

These alarms have sounded before. Writing in 1957,
the author Nora Johnson raised an eyebrow at
promiscuity on college campuses, noting that
“sleeping around is a risky business, emotionally,
physically, and morally.”

Since then, the critiques of casual sexual behavior
have only proliferated, even as society has supposedly
become more socially liberal.

the meaning of sex

The culture machine – movies, magazines, web, the people
around us too often teach us there’s one way to have
a satisfying sex life: you have to adhere to beauty
ideals, be in a heterosexual relationship, be young,
and preferably have as many orgasms as possible.

But people who don’t fit this description are having
great sex lives every day, and everyone has the right
and the ability to do so.

Fake Breasts Industry

You’ve probably wondered this more than a few times
while checking out a turn-on at the bar.

Since you can’t just test-drive her breasts
you’ll have to have to rely on the tell-tale
signs, sometimes hard to spot.

Most breasts aren’t perfect orbs and
they usually aren’t identical.

Be on the lookout for the way they hold
in place as she moves around (especially her arms),
and how they stay almost the same dimension
instead of flattening out whether she
reaches back or even stretches.

She Fakes Pleasure

I don’t like sex and never really have.
I’ve had plenty of it over the years,
but I’ve always faked my enthusiasm.

I can reach orgasm, but it’s a flutter,
rather than an ecstatic peak.

I’ve been with my husband for 12
years and we have two children,
but I feel tense every time he
makes love to me.

I can’t wait until it’s over.
I haven’t told him how disengaged
I feel, as I’m worried he’ll leave.

If You Haven’t
Got a Man at Hand

How Come
Marriage Still Exists?

Marriage goes on, trying to survive all kinds of couple
battles and extraneous distractions ranging from porn
24/7 to workplace affairs. Yet people still get hitched.

Half the time, matrimony is disagreeable to
the point of breakup, a lot of the time infidelity
is somewhere in the mix of wrongs.

Consider in the vast temptation out there or
the awful boredom of American life today.

It’s less surprising marriage has a high failure
rate, but astonishing it still exists at all.


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