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Sex & Sensuality

Sexuality is much more than sexual feelings or sexual intercourse. It is an important part of who a person is and what she/he will become.

It includes all the feelings, thoughts, and behavior associated with being female or male, being attractive and being turned on, as well as being in relationships that include sexual intimacy and sensual and sexual activity.

Sensuality is awareness and feeling about your own body and other people’s bodies, especially the body of a sexual partner. Sensuality enables us to feel good about how our bodies look and feel and what they can do.

Sensuality also allows us to enjoy the pleasure our bodies can give us and others. This part of our sexuality affects our behavior in several ways.

Body Image

Feeling attractive and proud of one’s own body and the way it functions influences many aspects of life. Adolescents often choose media personalities as the standard for how they should look, so they are often disappointed by what they see in the mirror.

They may be especially dissatisfied when the mainstream media does not portray or does not positively portray physical characteristics the teens see in the mirror, such as color of skin, type or hair, shape of eyes, height, or body shape.

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Experiencing pleasure

Sensuality allows a person to experience pleasure when certain parts of the body are touched. People also experience sensual pleasure from taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell as part of being alive.

Satisfying skin hunger

The need to be touched and held by others in loving, caring ways is often referred to as skin hunger. Adolescents typically receive considerably less touch from their parents than do younger children.

Many teens satisfy their skin hunger through close physical contact with peers. Sexual intercourse may sometimes result from a teen’s need to be held, rather than from sexual desire.

Feeling physical attraction for another person

The center of sensuality and attraction to others is not in the genitals (despite all the jokes). The center of sensuality and attraction to others is in the brain, humans’ most important “sex organ.” The unexplained mechanism responsible for sexual attraction rests in the brain, not in the genitalia.


The brain also gives people the capacity to have fantasies about sexual behaviors and experiences. Adolescents often need help understanding that sexual fantasy is normal and that one does not have to act upon sexual fantasies.

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