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Why We Should Give Teenage Girls Vibrators

An enlightened psychologist came up
with the idea when she was a teenager.

Proving the point that this is something that people
just a few years younger than her might actually want.

But of course instead of being accepted,
the claim has sparked a massive debate.

Should we give young women vibrators, or should we
carry on pretending that masturbation doesn’t
exist every time we encounter a teenager?

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Some people are pulling their hair out over the thought
that young girls might enjoy a wank every once in a while.

God forbid we should accept that young women feel pleasure.
I can’t think of anything worse to be honest.

Next thing we’ll be telling young women it’s okay to have orgasms.

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This is about more than just vibrators. It’s an example
of the way women’s pleasure just isn’t discussed, while
straight male pleasure is held up on a pedestal
like some kind of god-given gift.

According to a 2017 study, straight men
orgasm 95 per cent of the time during sex.

This is compared to a whole host of studies out there
Which suggest the majority of women only orgasm
about 20 per cent to a third of the time when
they have penetrative sex with men.

Interestingly, lesbian women orgasm during sex
much more frequently – 86 per cent of the time.

There’s an argument for political lesbianism.

It raises some interesting questions about what
we as a society expect from heterosexual women
And how little we regard women’s pleasure.

Given the context, it’s unsurprising that the
backlash against the vibrator idea seems to
stem from a deep seated discomfort at even the
thought of girls exploring their sexual preferences.

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What do people believe? That if we don’t give girls
vibrators they’ll simply never use them?

If we don’t ever say the word “vibrator” teen girls
will never learn of their existence?

Maybe if we don’t talk to young girls about sexual pleasure
they’ll just never know what wanking is at all.

Then women will never masturbate and never have orgasms.
Vibrators will go out of fashion and the whole vibrator
industry will collapse.

We’ll never hear of them again, not even as relics
in museums, because female pleasure will be erased
from history. It’s The Handmaid’s Tale.