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If sex was a man inserting his penis
into a woman’s vagina, then how did
girls drinking cum out of champagne
glasses fit into that picture?

Because of its hardcore nature,
internet porn became inextricably
linked with the anxiety of being caught.

The guilt of watching it and masturbating
were linked in a teenage boy’s mind.

Mormons & ‘Soaking Sex’

soaking wet shower

Instead of participating in one night stands, like most
of us, or agreeing to a friendship with benefits,
some religious groups, particularly Mormons, are said
to partake in ‘soaking’ to get their rocks off.

And by soaking I don’t mean taking a cold shower.

To ‘soak’ you must put your penis inside
a vagina and not move. You can’t pump,
grind, wiggle, swerve, or hike up your
leg when your penis or leg become numb.
You just lie there, inside her vagina.

What do you talk about?
Your day at the temple?

Sexually Experienced

Sexually Experienced powered by YouPorn.

When you’re exploring someone’s body for
the first time, you’re not going to know
which buttons to push.

Luckily, having lots of sex to practice
and get more acquainted with each other’s
bodies is the whole point.

If you’ve just started a relationship
with a man, you should never feel like
sex is “over” simply because he finishes.

If your first time doesn’t last as long
as you’d hoped, handle it gracefully
and realize that it will likely get
better moving forward.

Luscious Lips

She’s the most popular children’s doll of all time,
so it’s no surprise that some girls grow up with
the dream of becoming a real life Barbie.

That’s certainly the story for three Instagram
models in eastern Europe, who appear to be
unofficially battling it out for the title
of the most realistic human Barbie.

The girls, who have all dipped their toes
into the world of plastic surgery to achieve
their goal, turning into gross caricatures.

Barbie World

I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation.

Erotic Lesbian Lust

Lesson in Lesbian Lust powered by YouPorn.

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