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Bisexual Revolution

Bisexuality is stereotyped as a threatening,
hyper-sexual agent of change and social chaos.
It threatens the structure of orthodoxy.

Each stereotype reflects a section of social
anxiety which bisexuality threatens, exposing
the subversive and revolutionary potential of
bisexuality in changing and opposing culture,
society and system.

Society always loves to eradicate those who
present a threat. The attempt to eliminate
bisexuality’s existence is the attempt to
eliminate the revolutionary potential that it holds.

bisexual men

Monogamy, along with heterosexism, is patriarchy’s
favourite way of keeping us organized in neat little
docile units. Of controlling us. Of disconnecting us
from each other, of maintaining capitalism and keeping
resistance to a bare minimum.

I love the metaphor of the bisexual as the traitor.
We betray monogamy, we betray patriarchy, we betray
the government through our refusal to obey to
government-sanctioned couple-arrangements.

We are traitors to anything that confines
us, and anything that stands in our way.

We refuse to fit neatly into boundaries dictated
by society. A refusal of the very categories
we are instructed to choose between. A collapse
of binaries, of separation, of isolation.
A call to diversity, solidarity and love.

We epitomize western society’s fear of sexuality.
The fear anything not heterosexual, coupled-monogamous,
vanilla-missionary position with the lights off.

Bisexuality Undermines Bourgeois Culture

Bisexuality is hyper-sexualized under the presumption that sex is bad, that wanting too much of it is bad, that wanting any of it is bad, that wanting people of more than one gender is bad. That wanting more than one person is bad.

Bisexuality means sexual revolution. It means sexual independence for women. It means exploring and enjoying our bodies, our sexualities, our various genders and our sexual interactions, no matter who we are, no matter who our partners.

In a society based on sexual fear and a culture of rape, taking our sexualities into our own hands is a revolutionary act.

It’s often said that a bisexual is the kind of person who can reach down someone’s pants and be happy with whatever they find. Could this be fear of sex and gender liberation? Could this give space to more than just two sets of sexed bodies?

We have choice! We lead awesome, exciting, fabulous, shiny, liberating, revolutionary queer lives full of love, rage, solidarity, pride, struggle, friendship, pain and joy. If you had the option, wouldn’t you choose it?

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