Black Bitch

I know as a black woman I’m always going to be fetishised
to some extent. The darker you are, the more you are.

“They think we are naturally very sensual, all of us
are Rihanna.” She laughs at the absurdity.

“They are very threatened but secretly, they want
to be with us, they want to be like us, they want
to taste us and touch us.

If they could, they would have one of us in
their houses in a room, just kept there, to be
brought out when needed.

Booty Bounce

Celebrity Booty Bounce: Beyounce,Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj, Kendall Jenner, and more "Booty Bouncin" from L SULA on Vimeo.

Shaved Head

When Doja Cat went on Instagram Live last week and debuted a bold, beautiful new look for the world to see — a freshly shaved head and eyebrows to match — the musician caused a bit of a stir on social media.

The musician’s new hairstyle came as a surprise to most. And rather than embracing her decision to wear her hair how she chooses, people online were quick to judge her, including other Black women. Her comment section was filled with people asking if she was OK, frantically questioning her sanity and assuming that she must be having some sort of mental health breakdown.

Racism in Film

American filmmakers deployed images of Black women which adopted the ideological stratagems of the jungle films and the plantation genre.

The white heroine served as a canvas to illuminate the nature her race’s supposed virtues and the conflicted construct of her gender.

Black women were displayed to enlarge the hidden and perverse nature of Blackness and the essentially savage erotic impulses of Black women.

Sexual violence
against Black women

This has deep roots in U.S. history. The first White colonists
to arrive in the Americas, considered Native Americans to be
dirty and inhuman, and the rape of Native women was
considered morally justified.

During slavery, Black women were separated or isolated from
their families, and their cultural and religious identities
and customs were stripped.

Physical, emotional, and sexual abuse/torture were frequently
inflicted on slaves. The worth of enslaved Black women was
often tied to their ability to produce offspring, which
resulted in many women being raped and forced to bear children.

For hundreds of years, the rape of enslaved Black women by
white men and by enslaved Black men was common and legal.

After slavery ended, violence (including sexual violence)
was used to keep African-Americans from gaining legal
or civil rights. For example, many Black women were raped
by gangs of white men during the Jim Crow era as a way
to instill fear and terror into the Black community.

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