Boys to Men: Put Her Orgasm first

And How Do You Do That?

Vaginal penetration and orgasms don’t go together for women.
Technically, it is said that vaginal orgasms are possible,
but I’ve yet to meet a woman that can orgasm exclusively from it.

Your Tongue Her Clitoris

If you want to name the clitoris, labia and vagina
together, vulva is the all-encompassing term.

Fifty to 75 percent of women who have (orgasms)
need to have their clitoris touched (clitoral
stimulation). Most women are unable to have
an orgasm through intercourse alone.

The clitoris is only partially visible to the naked eye.
The clitoris is actually close to four inches in length
(kinda like the average non-erect penis), but three-fourths
of it is hidden from view within a female’s body.

It’s buried treasure. Think of all that pleasure
potential in the entire region. Have you explored it?

fingers orgasm

Tickle Her Clitoris

Most women find that as they rub their labia,
they naturally start to get wet if they
are already turned on.

This wetness will act as a lubricant on your finger.

One-Finger Tango

As your finger gets covered in your natural lube,
slowly start to press the tip of it in and out
of your vagina to check how it feels.

As you push your finger in and out, it gets
covered in more and more of this lubrication,
allowing you to slide your finger deeper
and deeper into your vagina.

Slowly run the tip of your finger along
the walls of your vagina paying attention
to what feels most pleasurable.

There’s no right way to finger yourself.
What you find most pleasurable will be
different to what other people enjoy.

Many women assume the in-and-out motion
because it mimics the penis, but this
can be irritating rather than pleasurable.

Also, it’s not a case of going as deep
as possible. Fingering yourself should
be about getting as much pleasure as possible.

Hard Fuck

The clitoris swells slightly during arousal,
then retracts under the clitoral hood as
arousal continues and it becomes hypersensitive.

This means when a female is feeling sexy,
her clitoris fills with blood and swells up.

The outside part doubles in size (like the
size of a large pea) and feels hard.

It is packed with nerve endings (it has around 8000].
This is twice as many as the end of the penis)
and is extremely sensitive.

Please touch it lightly at first during foreplay.

Many men misinterpret the “disappearing clitoris”
as a sign of diminishing arousal in a woman.

In fact it is the exact opposite. The shaft of
the clitoris runs up under the hood for cover
and protection when extremely aroused.

The hood covers the clitoris, protecting it
from excessive stimulation, and stimulating
the clitoris as it slides over it in response movement.

Intimate Massage

A sensual massage is one which focuses
on the partner’s erogenous zones.

It provides both stress relief and
increased intimacy between partners.

This is an unique activity, providing both
of you with the opportunity to build
closeness and trust.

The goal isn’t necessarily orgasm but rather
to incorporate a highly personal and relaxing
experience into a couple’s life.

It gives you the opportunity to receive
pleasure without the pressure of performance.

obviously coming

She Comes First

Some men orgasm and don’t really care at all about their partner. They aren’t good partners in bed.
Some men orgasm and care, but afterwards, they’re too tired to give their partner/s an orgasm.

This can be easily solved if you increase foreplay before penetration. It will increase lubricating secretions in the vaginal canal, and so penetration will be easier.

Some men orgasm then use other techniques to get their partner to orgasm: Like using clitoral stimulation during penetration, or any other stimulation afterwards.

Vaginal penetration for long periods of time can be uncomfortable for women. Clitoral stimulation will always be the easiest way to bring a woman to orgasm.

If you decide to do this before,
during or after, depends on you, how you feel after
an orgasm, and your partner/s preferences.

The most important thing is to assure your partner has a great time, and orgasms are a good way to go for that purpose. If your partner prefers them before, during or after, that’s her call.

If she prefers them during penetration (With clitoral stimulation), then my advice would be to attempt to control your orgasms as much as possible.

Constant stimulation is the key to a woman’s orgasm. If you realize or she tells you that you are doing something right, then you need to continue with that route.

If she’s about to orgasm while being penetrated and stimulated (Again, the clitoris is fundamental for this purpose), then you have to try and maintain it until she tells you to speed up or slow down.

What if you told her tonight was just all about her? Have you ever tried that? What if you told her you didn’t want her to touch back.

That your pleasure was simply to give her pleasure. Men like to feel they’re giving sexual pleasure to their women.

Her orgasm is like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae; it’s a nice decorative addition, but it’s not an essential part of the dessert. Take off the cherry … everyone knows it’s still an ice cream sundae.

New research on college students shows that this is especially true in casual sexual encounters. Both men and women in first-time heterosexual hookups are concentrated on giving the man an orgasm; in other words, both deprioritize her pleasure.


Women become more comfortable in asking their partners for orgasm, however, as their relationships become more serious.

And men are more interested in their female partners’ pleasure once they’ve decided they actually like her. Still, women are often loath to talk about what gives them orgasms, leaving their partners to learn through watching porn or by trial and error.

If we judge by the number of orgasms, women may seem to be reaching a peak much later than men. If we devalue her orgasm in heterosexual encounters and if women are reluctant to talk about what they like once men start paying attention, it may be a while before she catches up.

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