Brazen Hussy

Hussy Gives
Us a Flash

An impudent or immoral girl or woman.
“that brazen little hussy!”
synonyms: minx, madam, coquette, tease,
seductress, Lolita, Jezebel; trollop,
slut, loose woman; floozie, tart, puss;
scrubber, slapper, slag; tramp, vamp, hoochie.

hussy gives us a flash

I Love Your Cunt

Drawing Attention

Brazen from tsurufoto. on Vimeo.

Hussy by Nature

A brazen or immoral woman.

A shameless or promiscuous woman

A mischievous, impudent, or ill-behaved girl.


1. trollop, slut. 2. baggage, minx.

Hussy by Nature from Simon Bolz on Vimeo.

Get off on This

Hotel Hussy: Proud to
Sleep Around]

Yes to Sex

As a woman I like to say yes to sex. I mean love-making
not just intercourse, not just genital interaction.

How do you get to a place where you can say yes to sex,
but not in a just do it kind of way?

Not oh well, ifI must or OK, only if you’ll shut up about
it or well all right, I suppose you did take out the trash.

We shouldn’t say yes out of a sense of obligation
or duty or as a trade-off. We should be saying yes
to sex because it feels good to be intimate.

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