Sexual Excitement

Can I Come Inside You?

When He Comes, Have You?

There’s hope for women who find themselves just getting
close to orgasm when their male partner is finished.

Take the emphasis off having an orgasm during penetration.
Even when he’s done, there are still about a thousand ways
to keep stimulating your clitoris until you’re done too.

Seriously, you can use toys, vibrators, your hand,
his hand, or pretty much whatever else works for you.
A climax is a climax no matter how it is induced.

A lot of women say they don’t like men always
asking permission for everything in bed.

Better to go for it, gently, and she’ll let
you know if she likes it in one way or another.

But is this true about coming inside her?
Say you are having sex and you two haven’t
discussed it before.

He’s getting close to finishing. Would you
prefer he do so inside you, outside, or ask?
I suppose it’s different if you’re using a condom.

I think once you’re inside and wearing a condom,
it’s pretty much a given that you’re going to finish inside.
If you want to do something else you should ask her.

But don’t ask to come in her mouth because dicks taste
horrible when you take the condom off.

Why do men want to
cum inside women?

It’s about control and ownership. Something in our
primate brains says that if we come inside a woman,
if she carries our sperm, she’s ‘ours’.

Suppose you see this guy a few times a year, more or less.
It’s likely you both sleep with other people as well.

And it’s entirely likely, almost guaranteed,
he’ll ask other women the same thing.
“Hey, can I come inside you?”

You’re not his private property, nor is he yours.

Any halfway decent guy wouldn’t ever ask you.
“Hey, I’m coming over for some sex, please
screw up your hormones and take a risk on
getting an STD so I can act like a bareback stud.”

Hedonism from DAVID ZALESKY on Vimeo.

It’s Heaven Down There

Can I Come into Your Vestibule?
[a chamber or channel opening into another].

The vulva includes the outer labia (outer lips
or labia majora), the inner labia (labia minora)
and the vestibule (entrance to the vagina before
the hymen). The vagina itself is just inside the hymen ring.

Cunt Remains the Best
Word for her working parts

The vagina was once considered
an incredibly sacred thing, the
gateway between heaven and Earth.

The Indian Tantric culture, from 1500 years ago,
and the 1000-year-old Chinese Han dynasty
both believed our lady parts were life-giving.

If men ever wanted to reach balance and health
in their lives, they had to learn how to properly
handle that region of a woman’s body. It was
referred to as a “flowery pool” or “mysterious gate.”

Most Christians don’t realize that the fish used
today to refer to Jesus, officially called the
ichthys, originally represented the vagina.

It was an ancient symbol that showed up next to
any fertility goddess, including Atargatis,
the Syrian fertility goddess; Aphrodite,
the Greek goddess of love and sex,
and the pagan Great Mother goddess.

vulva joy

For most women, the kitty, or what is
more formally known as the vagina, is a
part of the body that is simply, just there.

Sadly for some of us, it’s no different from
the elbow, the knee joint or our toes.

Ask yourself, when is the last time you took a mirror
to your kitty to become a little more acquainted?

When was the last time you pleasured
yourself rather than wait for him?

Heavenly Bodies from lingerie collective on Vimeo

The Cockpit

You have one of your most sensitive parts inside one of
her most sensitive parts. With each movement inside her
you can feel the walls of her vagina, muscles and flesh.

The vaginal wall is an incredibly strong muscle and
she will probably use this to some extent for her
own pleasure during sex.

You may also feel the contracting and relaxing
during orgasm. Her vagina spasms and this will
clench you to some degree.

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