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Sex & Freedom: Can I Hang out with You?

The Friend Approach
to Seduction

He gets needy. This is the next step up from the “always platonic” guy – the guy who knows he needs to do something, but has no idea what. So, he chases her, over-invests himself, and tries too hard – ultimately taking whatever initial attraction she might’ve had for him and cashing in his chips there for a mug full of “No thank you… ugh.” Neediness also kills a man’s ability to hit escalation windows; he becomes so afraid of losing a girl that he can usually no longer act, or, when he does act, does not do so with intent.


He jumps the gun. This is the one that intermediate and even advanced guys will run into. In fact, if you’re a move fast kind of guy, you may still do this from time to time even if you usually know better.

It happens. But this is where the guy causes a woman’s emotions to peak too soon, or he begins to physically escalate on her before she’s ready.

In one case, he is busting open her escalation window too soon and too abruptly; in the other, he’s beginning to escalate before the window for it has arrived.

Can I Hang out with You?

Most guys who end up hanging out with girls
in a “friend” capacity are only there
because they don’t know what else to do

They don’t know how to attract women
They don’t know how to talk to girls
They don’t know what to do to move their interactions forward
They don’t know how to sleep with girls

can i hang out with you

He stays platonic. This is the guy who’s so inexperienced being anything other than friendly around women and so terrified of rejection that he keeps things strictly platonic until a girl fires off three flares and a smoke signal to notify him that she wants him to get sexual and make a move. Of course, most girls are never going to be the magician here – that’s the man’s role – so this guy (and all the women who kinda sorta hoped they might get with him) ends up being perpetually disappointed.

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What does hanging out mean?

Even the term “dating” could mean casually
going on dates to one person, while it means
being in a relationship to another.

More people in their twenties hang out
at night with groups. While drunken
make-outs do happen, it’s not as
clear and consistent as a relationship.

When people are young and healthy and
have the highest sex drive, they’re less
likely to be living with a partner.

There’s a larger proportion of people in
their early 20s who aren’t having sex at all.

can i hang out with you

Is Your Teenager Hanging
out with the Wrong Crowd ?

hang out satire

Hanging Out

Hanging Out from FCPproduction on Vimeo

Let’s Hang out
& Do Nothing

I’m in a casual but monogamous dating relationship of
3-to-4 months. In a recent discussion about sex, I
briefly disclosed that in my pastI was in a brief
sexually abusive relationship.

I received help and have healed, and he seemed supportive and
caring about my past and recovery, however the sex we’re having
now is way more “cautious” than before.

Mid-coitus he’ll ask if I’m OK repeatedly (and I’m not the silent
type when things feel good) to the point of distraction.

We’ve been more adventurous in bed, but now it’s only missionary
and he seems reluctant to switch to other positions or allow me
to perform oral.

I like a bit of rough play like hair pulling,
spanking, light restraint, and dirty talk, which
happened before, but is now nonexistent.

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