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Virtue of Lust

We tend to lump sex and lust together,
giving both a bad name. Lust needn’t
be excessive, illicit or dehumanizing.
Lust should be seen as a virtue, not a vice.

Giving &
Receiving Pleasure

If properly understood and performed, lust is about desire that is felt. It’s the pursuit of sexual ecstasy.

But that needs the presence of a fellow traveler. There must always be an object of lust who is not treated as ‘an other’, but as someone you desire to please as much as you desire to be pleased.

True lust must be more than one-sided. Lust is about communion, harmony and completion. You’re not only satisfying yourself but you’re roused by the excitement of the other person.

There are no cross-purposes, hidden agendas, mistakes or deceptions. Lust here is like making music together, a joint symphony of pleasure and response. There is a pure mutuality.

Lust is an essential drive. When enthusiastically pursued and applied, lust is an ethical act because it requires us to step outside ourselves and take into the consideration the feelings, needs and desires of others.

It’s important to speak up for lust,to restore lust to humanity, to lift lust from the category of a sin to that of a virtue.

The Romance of Lust

When I was a teenager I was never sure
whether I was “in love” or “in lust.”

The first is supposed to be a deep and tender
feeling of affection for or attachment or
devotion to a person.

Lust is a desire to gratify the senses,
a bodily appetite, a sexual desire.

I was seeking acceptance any way I could get it.
If a male told me he “loved me” I was ready
to thank him any way I could, and usually
meant going to bed with him.

A kiss could make my heart pound. I wanted the boy
to hold me, kiss me, and make me feel wanted.

I would do almost anything to generate his “love”
and never once thought about any gratification for me.

I made up dreams and fantasies about how he would
ask me to “go steady” and I would be the envy of all
the other girls at school. Each time I saw him I ached with desire.

But none of my dreams came true.
I was merely a receptacle for the male sperm.

There was no love. I was stricken each time I
saw the boy with another girl. That is lust.

Now, as an adult, I find myself in much the same situation
I was in as a teenager: Single, still looking for love,
and finding myself in a dead-end lustful situation.

How does one, at any age, determine what is love
and what is lust? Isn’t it possible to have both
lustful feelings and be in love at the same time?


If I can’t determine what the feelings I am having,
how can an adolescent make a decision as to whether
he/she should jump into a romantic situation and
accept the consequences?

Best assume that the ‘love’ you
feel is probably wrapped in lust.

DaneJones True Love

Hey, she’s good-looking. I get it. You didn’t ask to see her;
she just ended up crossing your path today. Looking at her
and noticing that fact is not wrong. And it’s not lust.

But how many times do you need to go back to the well
for a drink? Chances are if your head keeps turning
like it’s on a swivel, you’re doing more than just
“looking.” You are looking for a reason.

And often that reason is something stronger than
the gaze.You like what you see and you want to
see more because you feel desire. You want her.
It’s lust.

A Great Place
to Give Head

lavatory porn

Bathroom sex refers to having sex in the bathroom,
toilet, lavatory, either private or public.

Bathroom sex occurs in many parts of the world
and in many places, including stores, hotels,
bars, restaurants, airplanes, and universities.

We Want to Fuck

When we get hot and heavy, please take charge.
Please, please fuck me. Trust me, I’m not
going to just lie still – I’ll get involved.
But don’t make me force your hand into
my panties. That makes me feel like a rapist.

we want to fuck

Vulva in Bloom

vulva in bloom

Beautiful Decadence

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gotcha girl

Look Lust

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