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Stretch and Fuck

If done the right way, sex can become
sexercise. After all, you’re stretching,
clenching, arching and propping.

The simplest exercise can be incorporated
into a fuck. Bend over and touch your toes?

Sex should be considered a significant
exercise for burning calories

It’s not easy losing weight. You need a
strict diet and an exercise regime.

If you’d rather stay home than work out
at the gym, sex (or rather sexercise)
may be a much more attractive alternative.

Health professionals recognise that sexual activity
is an important aspect of the overall health and
quality of life of their patients.

Because of the sensitive nature of sexuality, it’ll
probably take a while before GPs start advising
their patients to have more sex.

It’s important point to make sure you’re
an active participant by alternating sex
positions so each of you gets an even workout.

There’s a great app on the market called Sexercise
which has illustrated versions of more than 70
sex positions that can help you lose weight.

When it comes to sexercising, the idea is the
same, but the procedure is slightly different.

In the name of the stretching sexercise,
simply bend over and put your hands on the
seat of a chair, table, whatever.

Let your partner fuck you from behind
while you keep those legs straight.

We Can
Work It Out

Having sex does count as physical activity.

It can even sometimes reach the level of ‘moderate’
exercise, but it is neither consistent nor
vigorous enough to count as a workout.

Even the most active sex life can’t replace
other kinds of exercise in your life.

Adults should get at least two hours to three hours
a week of moderately intense exercise (the level
of brisk walking), along with muscle-strengthening activity.

Sex does occasionally reach the level of moderate
exertion, but whether it counts as actual exercise
depends on how long you maintain that pace.

I’m pretty sure it won’t reach the recommended 2-3 hours

Ready to
the Bitch

I’m female in my 20s ,relatively new to sex. I have a question about
flexibility and sex positions. The concept of doggy style turns me
on, but I only tried it once with a partner I didn’t know very well.

It didn’t really work because I couldn’t arch my back enough
Is this possible? I’m young, able bodied, I work out a lot,
I’m not insanely flexible but not brittle either.

I’m self-conscious about doing it again because it was
so awkward that time, but at the same time I still want to.

Are there stretches I can do to make it easier?
Any tricks or suggestions? Should I just give up?

hanging breasts

Climb Every Mountain

Climb Every Mountain from Aleksandr Slyadnev on Vimeo.

This Is How
You Do It

A big pile of pillows on the floor and fall into it face first, following its mountain shape so your back naturally arches.

Your man lies on top of you with both of you facing in the same direction, his chest glued to your back and his arms over yours.

Using the pillows for support, open your legs so he can kneel between them and enter you from behind.

You get the mischievous thrill of doing it doggie-style, a position every lover boy goes gaga for, but with super-soft support for you both.

Mount the Bitch
from Behind

With all that padding beneath you, he can go all-out wild with the thrusting. And unlike most backside boinks, his whole upper body is one with yours, giving intimacy addicts ultra-sensual head-to-toe connection. Focus on this skin-to-skin contact to add yet another sensation to the mix.

Switch around your body positions to have even more fun on the mountain of lust. Climb a little higher so that he’s almost lying on top of you for a while, then descend a bit so you’re practically sitting in his lap. Each tweak will give you something new to moan about.

Deep Fuck Techniques

Techniques for deep penetration

The woman on her back with a pillow underneath
her hips and her legs over the man’s shoulders.

The woman is on top, but rather than putting her
weight on her knees, she places her feet on
the surface (bed, floor, whatever).

This puts her weight on the lowest part of
her body. In this case her vagina.

This lets her push down on tissue surrounding
the penis as far as possible and puts it
inside her as far as physics allows.

I want to penetrate maria

The Dog
in Most Males

Doggy style bring out the beast in men.
To enter a woman from behind is probably
the top sexual experience.

The sight of her buttocks and vulva
is a red flag to the male bull.

Doggy style is sexual intercourse involving a receiving
partner [bitch] crouching on all fours (usually on hands
and knees) while a penetrative partner sexually penetrates
the vagina or the anus from behind or performs other sex acts.