Dirty Talk

Talk Dirty to Me

Whole Lotta Sex

Mash-up: Fucking Dirty. Double Penetration.
Porn Portal [Vulva View]. Cum Shot Threesome.
Hot Girls. Body Image. Sexuality. Fuck the Teacher

Audio erotica is a growing industry,
if not in money terms, then in tech’s
race to grab the female millennial market
this visual-free format is primed for.

Double Penetration

The accessibility, imagination and ethical boundaries
of audio erotica all mark it out as a valuable
prospect for those seeking an alternative to mainstream
porn on the route to titillation. For these reasons
it carries a certain sophistication.

Porn Portal [Vulva View]

Cum Shot Threesome

Body Image Sexuality

Are you feeling dissatisfied with your body?
Feeling overweight, unattractive or physically
unappealing? It could be hampering your sex life.

Many men are dissatisfied with the size of their penis,
while many women worry about the size of their breasts.

Yet most men actually report being happy with their
partners’ breasts, and most women are happy with
the size of their partners’ genitals.

The brain is our biggest sex organ. It pays to worry
less about the size of your belly, butt or breasts.

Redirect that attention to sexy talk, fantasies
and other “brainy” activities instead.

Fuck the Teacher

A 17-year-old girl is supporting a married
teacher accused of having sex with her
while she was a high school student.

“He’s never been a threat or ever hurt me.
He never told me to say anything or push me
to do anything against my will. We’re still in contact.”

Mastering the art of dirty talk may seem awkward and
embarrassing at first but once you get the hang of it,
you’ll find it one of the most effective ways
of satisfying a lover.

You probably already know this but sometimes just
saying shit in French is enough to give a person a boner.

If you find your English somewhat deficient in its erotic
vocabulary, going back and forth from one language to
the other isn’t a bad idea.

“I Want to Fuck
You So Hard”

Sometimes simply repeating a forceful and melodious
phrase really helps bring a person to the place
where they can focus, relax and find orgasm.

You’d be surprised at how little it takes to turn
someone on with this type of repetition.

While a long and involved narrative may work,
sometimes a simple, “I need you to fuck me really
hard right now,” telling him to get his cock out
and stroke it and then repeating a few choice
ideas over and over is very enticing.

The road map to ejaculation is fairly easily
accessed verbally. We are often so silent during sex.

Our mouths are seriously underused and being a verbal
lover is something I really encourage people to explore.

Not only is it a wonderful way to turn
someone on, it is deeply empowering.

Scream When
You Come

Get That Cock
Inside Me