Erogenous Zones

Her Erogenous Zones

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Female nipple stimulation lights up the same
area of the brain—called the genital-sensory-cortex,

This is the “reward center”—that senses contact with
the genitals. This could be what’s happening in
other erogenous zones as well, but there isn’t
much evidence beyond that.

Stimulate Her Nipples

Nipples are taboo in most cultures. They’re concealed, only
revealed for breastfeeding, the doctor, the lover.
This makes them forbidden fruit, a delicious dessert.

As a woman, it feels amazing. I find it much easier
to orgasm if my nipples are being stimulated.
I even play with them myself when I’m alone masturbating.
It helps boost increases my physical pleasure.


Lovely Labia Lips

Using red lipstick is so fucking hot. It makes
your lips look flushed and engorged with blood,
like the vaginal lips during sexual arousal.

Men are following in the footsteps of their primate ancestors.
The faces, genitals and buttocks of female baboons and
chimpanzees turn red during ovulation, an obvious mating
signal to males. A bright, crimson pucker of a woman’s lips
triggers a primal instinct in men.

pulling back her labia

Latina Passion

The engorged vulva looks puffy and plump. Look at her vulva
before you touch, stroke, fondle, knead and massage it.

Then watch as her tissue transforms. You will see her
clitoris pop out (in most women, not all), her labia
enlarge, her tissue darken from pink to purple.

The signs of engorgement are clear once you see
the ‘before and after a few times.

Latina Passion

How Do Real
Lesbians Have Sex?

There’s a pornography crisis in the lesbian community.
All the lesbians I asked about their porn preferences
agreed on one thing.

The genre known as ‘lesbian porn’, long enjoyed by
heterosexual men and widely available on a variety
of websites, doesn’t depict us, nor does it serve
our needs as consumers of porn.

The lesbians I know have largely turned their backs
on girl-on-girl action, seeking instead to scratch that
most personal of itches with just about anything else.

Touch Me There

Sensual Touch from Alexei Bazdarev on Vimeo.

Don’t immediately lunge for the hot spots.
Going straight for a woman’s breasts, neck,
or other highly erogenous zones is not
a good way to kick off foreplay.

Gently rubbing her arms, stomach, legs, back, and hair
is a much better way to get her warmed up to the idea
of having sex. Going straight for a woman’s breasts
just screams desperation and selfishness.

5. Watch your hands. Unless we’ve expressly indicated
that we like our headlights to be tweaked, do not
pinch our nipples in the heat of the moment.
They’re very, very sensitive!

6. Sometimes a light touch is better than a strong one.
And a sweet kiss with just your lips is better than
a Labrador retriever-style kiss with your tongue.

Give Me a Gamine

A gamine is a slim, often boyish, elegant, wide-eyed
young woman who is seen as being mischievous, teasing
or sexually appealing.

What Are the Signs
of a Boyish Girl?

I’ve often been told I’m boyish not just in my appearance but also in the way I carry myself. Here are some things I notice about myself that may have contributed to this opinion that most people have of me:

My choice of outfit is most often anything that I am comfortable in. This includes tees and jeans or bermuda pants most of the time. I always have a wristwatch on me. My complete footwear involves one pair of flats, one running shoes, one sneakers, and two sandals.

I am 18 and I have ever only worn heels once. I just really do not find those comfortable. I value comfort above appearance and sometimes this means I can wear the wrong things at the wrong events.

I am trying to change that though. I really have nothing against more girly outfits. I just don’t like how they are often uncomfortable for me to wear, personally.

I have a funny gait. My mom often tells me I walk with my legs slightly apart, which is ‘unladylike.’ I often slouch too, but I guess that’s more of a self-esteem thing rather than a boyish thing.

I often do things girls would usually not do. I sit on the floor when I need to sit and there is nowhere else to sit. I am not afraid of bugs (I wouldn’t touch them though).

I don’t like doing that cutesy pouting thing that girls often do. I don’t really wear makeup unless there is a party or something. I rarely ever wear my hair down in public cause I like things practical and having it down is messy for me.

I have also been told a few times that if I were to be completely done up and had my style changed, I would be really pretty (my mom especially loves to say this).

But I don’t think there is anything wrong with being boyish. True, some people will look down on me and honestly I feel insecure in parties where everyone else is all dolled up and I’m not. But I guess it’s okay. I’m comfortable this way.