Grind & Hump

Grind & Grope + Dry Humping

College men [mostly jerks] use crass sexualized
interactions as a diagnostic tool for sexual interest.

Grinding is a perfect example. A guy grabs
a girl from behind and starts dancing with
her, crotch to crotch. It’s a process so
bizarre that it happens only in the dark.


Unwanted grinding and groping are low-level
interactions that seem of little consequence,
but they set a standard for hooking up that
encourages physical boldness by men and poor
communication by women.

Male jerks think girls are fundamentally indecisive
and have to be physically told what they want is at
the root of the “No means yes, yes means anal.

Then there’s dry humping. What the hell is it?
And is it just something for sexually inexperienced
high school kids?

It’s pretty much the act of getting it on without
actually getting it on — sex with clothes on.

Pillow Humping

I’ve heard it called outercourse, non-penetrative
sex and “heavy petting.” I’d go ahead and say
that grinding on the dance floor to ‘get low’
could even be considered dry-humping.

It’s actually possible to climax from dry humping.
I know a lot of people who are fans of the
fully-dressed horizontal mambo and don’t mind
keeping their clothes on for a night.

I’m a woman and I prefer grinding.
But I’m not sure if it’s the same for men.

I would have said thrusting until my last girlfriend.
The grinding motion allowed our bodies to touch more
and it really made me appreciate full body contact.

Also, she seemed to enjoy it more, and
her body responded to increased stimulation.

Thrusting is great in positions where she’s facing away
but if we’re face to face, I’m inclined to grind.

What’s the grinding point when you can just get down
to business right away, but they may be missing one
important plus to these frisky moves: foreplay.

For most sexual encounters (minus the “quickies”
before work or class), foreplay is definitely important!

Slowly building up to an amazing sexual encounter
makes that climax even more memorable. It’s not about
the destination, but rather the journey, right?

Slow progression

Sex acts like dry-humping, intense massaging, deep kissing matter. They help lead up (or sometimes don’t, depending on your cup of tea) to the big main event.

These tamer sexual acts work as a slow progression to the actual act of having sex.

Another way that these obscure sexual activities work to the advantage of us girls is that if it’s our “time of the month” these are all still fair game!

“Period Week” does not have to be synonymous with “Blow Job Week,” ladies. Let’s remember that. We’re allowed to get a little loving too!

Dry-humping, erotic massaging and hardcore make-out sessions are all better alternatives for younger kids who aren’t ready to go all the way, but that doesn’t mean that these acts are puerile for us oldies! Get your dry-hump on!

Sex with My Rabbit

I’m 15 and I’ve heard about girls humping their
bunnies. I’d like to try it but I don’t know how.

I’m a girl just like you and pillow humping
and stuffed animal humping is my profession.

Step one: take a stuffed animal and sit on top

Step two: take off your underwear. You would probably
want to do this before step one because the clitoral
stimulation will feel better naked.

Step three: get yourself nice and wet. Imagine about
that boy (or girl) you like and imagine grinding them
or watch some porn with a close-up pussy and penis.