Take off Her Undies: Delicious Moment

“When I watch him take off my underwear with that
look in his eyes that he’s definitely going to go
down on me and make me come, I feel so attracted to him.”

Taking the time to remove her panties slowly and sensually
will show you want to make sure she is having the hottest,
most sensual time with you in the bedroom.

Protests were held after a teenage girl’s
underwear was used as evidence against her
in the trial of a man accused of raping her.

She was wearing a thong with a lace front.
Did this suggest she was expecting sex?

Undies Girls

Undies Girl from World Wide Rev. on Vimeo.

And Knickers to You


Why do Men
Like Panties?

Men like panties for many reasons. Just saying “panties”
instead of underwear feels playfully naughty.

A woman’s panties are the “last line of defense” between
prying and fingering her vagina.

And the joy of peeping up her skirt to catch a glimpse.

There’s a juvenile aspect to seeing a girl’s panties.
Because you’re not supposed to see them, on or off a woman,

Every schoolboy has asked a girl what colour panties she
had on. As if knowledge alone was power to fueled desire.

There is an anticipation factor involved with panties.

When getting a gift for Christmas, even if you know
what it is, wrapping it up increases the experience.

Everyone knows what a vagina looks like. But put a girl
in a skimpy pair of panties will amp the experience.

Once I caught an ex-boyfriend stealing my panties.
He swiped them off the floor and tucked them into
his coat pocket on his way out the door.

I asked him what he was doing he said
he wanted something to remember me by.

He wanted to take my panties because they inspired
flashbacks to our sexual adventures together.
I thought that was rather sweet and romantic.

Take Your Clothes Off from jason wilson on Vimeo.

Take off your knickers.

If you have a chance to prepare in advance,
pick a sexy pair or lace knickers or a thong.
Don’t wear a pair so tight it leaves marks.

Try slipping them off while standing with your legs
straight or lie on your back and pull them up to your
feet, where you can flick them off.

Get Her Knickers Off

There’s something delightfully filthy about
a guy so desperate to fuck you he can’t even
be bothered to remove your knickers.


Slide them to one side and shove your cock roughly
into me. It not only shows your enthusiasm, but also
implies that you might come pretty much straight away.

If you make me keep my knickers on I know I’m in for
a fast fuck so use me quickly because you just fucking
have to, then let me walk round for the rest of the
evening with your come dripping into the crotch of my pants.

This also works for anal sex. You don’t have to take
off all my clothes. If all you want is a quick, hard,
angry fuck, why not bend me over, slide my knickers
down just enough to provide quick access to my ass,
spit on your cock and then fuck me till you come.

Either of these methods can be improved with an
orgasmic grunt, slap on the ass, and instruction
to ‘clean myself up’.

Fly The Flag
for Knickers

Female activists have been posting photos
of their underwear online after a barrister
in a rape trial drew attention to a
female complainant’s thong.

The jury was encouraged to consider the 17-year-old’s
choice of underwear in the defence lawyer’s closing speech.

The accused was subsequently found not guilty.

Teen girl’s underwear considered as evidence against her
in the rape trial. Following the trial, a viral campaign
saw women posting images of their own underwear on social
media, with the hashtag #ThisIsNotConsent.


No Knickers