Pump That Arse

Brings out the Baboon in Men/h2>

Where do we even start? The video of “Work” is
such a mushroom cloud of sexiness that we realise
life is worthwhile with Rihanna in it.

Showing us Drake and RiRi in this crowded, sweaty club,
which is so sexy just on its own.

I loved the scenes where Rihanna is dancing
to her own reflection in the mirror, away
from Drake and the crowd, and from us, too.

She’s got that come-hither swag. The way the cinematography
works here to build suspense is so key.

We see those fierce stilettos first, then that slow
pan up the thigh to reveal what she’s wearing
and how she’s styled.

Are those buttocks still magnificent?
It’s the first thing we want to know
when we hear there’s a new Rihanna video.

Even White Girls Can Pump