Vaginal Massage

Ultimate Foreplay

Start massaging her vagina with your fingers
but apply some lube to moisturise the skin
and remove friction.

By touching and stimulating different
parts of the vaginal mound and the c
litoris you can find the right spot.

Intensified moans and breathing will
let you know you’ve found it.

clitoral massage

Caress her clitoris with your tongue
and stroke it gently. She may experience
successive orgasms if you continue stimulating
the clitoris even after she shudders under your tongue.

Various movements of the clitoris are acceptable.
Move the tip upwards and backwards, in circles,
vibrate it. But be careful in your touching as
the vagina is very sensitive and may be easily damaged.

The right time to stop is when she shudders.
She may push your off but don’t be confused.

This is the signal that you’ve done
everything exactly as she wanted.

Erotic massage can bring out the desire in every woman.
By massaging her body you stimulate the nerve endings.
Feet are very sensible to massage. Massaging her feet
you can influence almost any part of her body and turn her on.