The Female Gaze

Brown-Eyed Girl


Are Your Pupils Dilated?

Whether you’re gay, straight or somewhere else
on the spectrum, the truth of who attracts
you could be in your eyes.

Pupil dilation is an accurate indicator
of sexual orientation. When people look
at erotic images and become aroused,
their pupils open up in an unconscious
reaction that could be used to study
orientation and arousal without
invasive genital measurements.

If a man’s heterosexual, his pupils dilate
when he sees attractive women. The pupils in
a gay man dilate when he sees attractive men.

The link between pupil size and arousal goes way back.
In 16th-century Italy, women would take eye drops
made from the toxic herb Belladona, which kept
their pupils from constricting and was
thought to give them a seductive look.

In fact, the pupils dilate slightly in response
to any exciting or interesting stimulus, including
a sexually attractive person, the curves and bulges.

The dilation is a sign that the autonomic nervous system
— the system that controls involuntary actions like
pulse and breathing — is ramping up.
You’re aroused, getting ready to go.

the gaze

The Eye Fuck

This is someone who makes eye contact,
holds it, smiles, and doesn’t stop.

They just keep staring and smiling, and
staring and smiling, sometimes for
minutes at a time.

Eye fucking is the first level of eye contact
that makes the leap from interested/curious
to ‘I want to have sex with you.

Eye fucking doesn’t hide its intentions.
It’s about as much interest as one can
possibly display through eye contact alone.

If you get eye-fucked by an attractive person
but don’t act on it, you’re probably blind or a eunuch.

Indicator of Interest

Fuck me eyes are the ultimate IOI.
If a woman starts eye-fucking someone,
it is usually a good sign that she’s
strongly attracted to him, her buying
temperature is high, and she wants to have sex.

You’ve Been Goggled

This Is the Italian Porn Star Warning Kids Off Porn
Daily Beast
This is a black-and-white headshot of Siffredi,
who addressed the Minister of Education with
come-fuck-me eyes and an equally suggestive smirk.

Sir, Stop Hitting On My Boyfriend
For the next hour or so this man proceeded
to give my boyfriend the “fuck me eyes”
from behind my back and wrote him a note
suggesting they get down together.

The Shameful Bliss of Kim Kardashian’s Selfie Book
Daily Beast
Nada. Selfish is almost transfixing in its sameness.
Camera angled from above. Fuck-me-eyes intensely engaged.
A rotating cast of celebrities are always around her.

New wave of women surfers at Byron Bay Surf Festival
As usual on beaches, instead of surfing, we’re
regurgitating the idea of a passive, static womanhood
which often comes with a side of fuck-me eyes).

Sex with Brown-Eyed Girl

Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl – Official Music Video – Wide from Omeed Daveedof on Vimeo.


Striptease from Evgeny Ignatov on Vimeo.