Sexual Innuendo

Can I Bite Your Apple?

Apples appear in many religious traditions,
often as a mystical or forbidden fruit.

Popular Christian tradition holds that Adam
and Eve ate an apple from the forbidden
tree in the Garden of Eden.

The apple became a symbol for temptation.

This helps explain the contemporary sexual
innuendo: ‘Can I bite your apple?’
Let’s have sex. Or, I love your arse.

you know how this turns me on

In some rural areas, women attend dances
with apple slices under their armpits in
the hope of finding a man who will take
a bite at the end of the night.

The ritual dates back to the 19th century
and allows women to capture their ‘sexual scent’
[body odour] ahead of getting frisky.

Although (luckily) this is a dying tradition,
women still use slices of fruit to capture
their smell before offering it to potential
suitors to sniff.

If he likes her in return, he’ll take a bite
of the apple slice, to signify his attraction to her.