Bring out the Beast in Her

Bring out the Freak in Her. Working Women.
Raw Animal Passion.

Bring out the Freak in Her

Sometimes women get so caught up in their partner’s
pleasure that it feels as if sex is a show.

Reassure her that being freaky is not that hyper-
exaggerated spectacle she sees in adult films.

It’s not a performance. It’s about figuring out
what really gets you going, and being fully,
passionately committed to the experience.

It’s not about the theatrics, it’s about
giving in to real pleasure.

beast in me

Working Women

I’ve always had a high sex drive and started
using porn about age 14. Since discovering
the sex industry I’ve had the some of the
most incredible sexual experiences.

Over the years my tastes have got more
and more extreme after trying out all
of the services that are on offer.

Unfortunately this has made the few real
dates I’ve had quite disappointing in comparison.
I have to try a lot harder with regular girls
and in return the sex has been pretty average.
It’s just so much easier with escorts.

Raw Animal Passion

Focus on her pleasure rather than
yours. Make sure she’s enjoying
herself and regularly orgasms.

Be devoted to discovering her
every erogenous zone.

Find things that turn her on
she didn’t realize existed.

So when you suggest something new,
she’ll know it’s not for selfish reasons,
but because you really think she’ll enjoy it.