Vaginal Engorgement

A woman’s genital response to sexual stimuli
is an automatic reflex which produces vaginal
lubrication, even if the woman doesn’t
subjectively feel sexually aroused.

Genital response to sexual stimuli may be
an evolved self-protection mechanism.

Her response causes engorgement of the labia
[outer lips], necessary for the production
of vaginal lubrication which can reduce
discomfort and the possibility of injury
during vaginal penetration.

Ancestral women who did not show an automatic
vaginal response to sexual cues may have been
more likely to experience injuries that resulted
in illness, infertility, or even death after
unexpected or unwanted vaginal penetration.

Reports of women’s genital response and orgasm
during sexual assaults suggests that genital
responses occur in women under conditions
of sexual threat.

This suggests a woman’s vaso-congestion
response is automatically initiated by exposure
to sexual stimuli, whether or not these stimuli
are wanted or against her will.

Her Rape Fantasies

A large number of women have occasional
fantasies of being forced into sex.
Do they feel guilty?
The desire to to tame a dangerous man?
An open attitude to rough trade?

Sexual blame avoidance

This is the most popular explanation. It recognizes
that women’s erotic desires may trigger feelings of
anxiety, guilt, and shame.

How can women enjoy robust sexual fantasies
without developing these feelings? Fantasize
about being forced.

That way, women aren’t responsible
for the sex and needn’t feel distressed
about it. I was forced. It wasn’t my fault.

Sexual desirability

This explanation reflects the arc of romance
fiction, which is wildly popular among women
(and the single largest-selling category of fiction).

In romance novels, a powerful, dangerous man becomes
so enthralled by the protagonist that he must have her,
even if his pursuit is assaultive.

Eventually, she tames him and they marry and have children.
The sexual-desirability explanation says that women have
rape fantasies to bolster feelings of seductiveness and
desirability. I’m so hot. I drive men crazy.

Sexual openness

This explanation says that women who enjoy sex and accept
their enjoyment without anxiety, guilt, or shame feel
sufficiently free to play with erotic scenarios
beyond the boundaries of what they’d ever want
to experience in real life. It’s fantasy.
I’m free to fantasize anything.

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