Are You Watching Porn Behind Her Back?

Our Pleasure in Porn

In a relationship one person’s porn fetish
may be another’s pain the the ass.

At the same time, some couples see it
as healthy, even therapeutic. But in when
you’re hiding it can be damaging. [cont’d below]

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Get Her Juicy First

A Woman’s Perspective

We have some ground rules, of course: no interacting directly with anyone on or offline, nothing violent, and if it messes with our sex life, we need to re-evaluate pronto.

But other than that, my husband watches porn and jerks off pretty frequently — almost daily. And I’m fine with it.

I consider myself someone who has a pretty normal sex drive. I’ve always been in touch with my sexuality. I’ve masturbated since I was pretty young. I’m really awesome at getting myself off, and I do it whenever I feel like it.

But my husband is different. Masturbation, to him, has always been somewhat of a ritual. He does it because he enjoys it, but also because it calms him, helps him deal with stress, and helps him fall asleep. I would say his sex drive is quite high; sexual thoughts and feelings occupy a lot of real estate in his mind.