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Sexual Penetration Rape. How Many Ways Can a Woman Orgasm?
Indulge in Sex. Why Go to the Gym? Stay at Home & Fuck

Sexual Penetration Rape

rape simulation

Since 1929, rape was defined as the carnal knowledge
of a female, forcibly and against her will.

The revised definition covers any gender of victim
or attacker and includes instances in which the
victim is incapable of giving consent because of
the influence of drugs or alcohol or because of age.
Physical resistance is not required.

Rape is the penetration, no matter how slight,
of the vagina or anus with any body part or object,
without the consent of the victim.

Also constituting rape under the new definition is oral
penetration by a sex organ of another person without consent.

How Many Ways Can a Woman Orgasm?

hype female orgasm

orgasm areas


Indulge in Sex

An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away

If you have sex at least twice a week,
you’ll have more of the good stuff that
fights off bad germs and viruses.
Apparently, rigorous sex is best.

Go strap on your cowboy boots, because
things are about to get rowdy!

Not only will sex help you stay cold-free,
regular sex has also been shown to lower
prostate cancer levels in men, and improve
joint function.

A joint lubricating hormone is released
during foreplay and orgasm, which helps
keep joints flexible and healthy.

But don’t worry chicks, there’s something
in it for you too! Studies have shown that
women who orgasm on a regular basis tend
to have shorter and less painful menstrual
periods—as if you needed another reason
to pounce on your partner.

By releasing those feel-good chemicals in
our bodies during a good love making session,
we actually give ourselves a boost to stay
healthy and function better.

That way, we can save our sick days for
playing hooky with our lover instead of
nursing a bad cold.

Why Go to the Gym? Stay at home & Fuck

Daily exercise is an important part of staying
healthy, both mentally and physically, but did
you know you can burn up to five calories
a minute having sex?

Not only can you get exercise, by rolling around
naked with your lover, but the longer you last,
the more calories we burn—so let it burn.

Start slowly, let your fire build, until you
can’t take it any longer and then breathe
some more. Sex isn’t about the finish line,
but how you choose to get there. Take the slow
road—your lover and your health will thank you.

Sex raises your heart rate and actually counts
as exercise, especially if you incorporate a
few yoga poses into it like the Reverse Cowgirl.

Either way, not many other forms of exercise
involve an orgasm, so why not skip the gym
tonight and go work out with your lover instead?

Indulge Yourself from operatornasvadbe on Vimeo.