Sexual Desire

Are Women Craving for Sex?

It seems women want sex
far more than we’ve imagined.

This shatters many of our most
cherished myths about desire,
including the widespread
‘wisdom’ that women’s lust is
bound up with emotional connection.

Are men ready to cope with the reality of women’s
libido? The evidence suggests they aren’t.

When it comes to acknowledging
just how much women lust, we’ve
passed the point of no return.

Sexologists, all of whom have, after a series
of fascinating studies with animal and human
subjects, come to the same conclusion.

Women want sex just as much as men do. This drive isn’t,
for the most part, sparked or sustained by emotional
intimacy and safety. When it comes to the craving for sexual
variety, women may be even less well-suited for monogamy than men.

Craving from Matt Blum on Vimeo.

Acknowledging that women are as horny as men
(if not hornier) isn’t enough to guarantee
equality, just as the recognition that women
are increasingly adept at bread-winning
doesn’t ensure pay equity.

Even as we see more and more evidence that women want
what men want, antiquated sexual scripts mean that
women are caught in a “catch-22” with few options.
The dilemma is one in which both sexes responsible.

Women want sex, but they don’t want to be seen as forward
(or worse, desperate). Men want sex but are intimidated,
lack confidence, or don’t want to be seen as domineering.
We’re not sure who should be the sexual instigators.
No one seems prepared to step forward.

This catch-22 presents women with a few options, none of
is are appealing. A woman can directly pursue a man,
but only if she wants to convey that she’s only in it for sex.

You can choose not to pursue him, but then you’re relegated
to this historic, passive role that doesn’t jibe with your
active, considered approach to any other area of life, be it
work or real estate or even friendship.

According to many women, their professional background
is already intimidating to many men and they feel as
though asking them out would make them less attractive
and even more intimidating.

Many men prefer to be the one who initiates the date
They find women who ask them out to be more aggressive.

Women aren’t the only ones experiencing some cognitive
dissonance between their animalistic urges and the
social conventions of dating.

More and more men are finding it difficult to be as direct,
when it comes to dating and sex, as previous generations
of men maybe once were.

We all get that the rules of traditional courtship — in
which men make every single advance and women demur or a
cquiesce — are dead, but we haven’t replaced them with
a new standard operating procedure.

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