Go Fuck Yourself

The Art of Female Masturbation

Fuck Yourself from Andres Zuluaga on Vimeo.

Your Can Go Fuck Yourself

GFY: (Internet slang) Good for you (ironically).
(Internet slang) Go fuck yourself.

I love to fuck myself [masturbate].
Used only by women: fingers, vibrator, dildo
or any handy household item.

I discovered masturbation accidentally
in my pre-teen years and never looked
back (shout-out: bike seats).

While I felt no shame experimenting,
I did so within the privacy of my own home.

Until I left for college. Navigating dorm life
is a minefield: When you’re sharing a room
with someone, you’re forced to walk a fine
line between prioritising your own self-care
and remaining respectful of theirs.

But sometimes, schedules collide and things
can get messy — literally.