In Praise of Perversion

The ‘Pervert’

The term originally referred to an atheist, which
means that strictly speaking the world’s biggest perv
is currently Richard Dawkins.

Today we take heterosexuality to be synonymous
with “normal” sex but when the term was first used,
in 1892, it was linked to “abnormal manifestations
of the sexual appetite” in both sexes.

At the turn of the last century, heterosexual
sex was defined as “an abnormal or perverted
appetite towards the opposite sex”.

What Was Once Perverted…

Until recently, masturbation and oral sex
were considered shameful perversions and
if a woman experienced desire at all in
the 19th century, she was seen as a nymphomaniac.

While we might enjoy a liberal superiority in our
contemporary acceptance of sexual freedom,
we should remember that sexual identities like
male homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexuality
were taboo and seen as perverted not so long ago.

On Hedonism

Without the freedom to satisfy one’s needs. Because of social and economic conditions, In order to achieve self-fulfillment. A dramatic re-interpretation of Freud’s theory of repression.

Adult sexual development is a progression from oral and anal stages in childhood. Eroticism in infancy to adult genital sexuality.

Tamed heterosexual intercourse. The cultivation of a polymor-
phous perverse sexuality. Non-reproductive forms of fucking.

Sexual liberation would be achieved. Exploring new permutations of sexual desires. Homosexuals were the radical standard bearers.

Sex for the sake of pleasure. Perversions uphold sexuality as an end in itself. The possibility of non-repressive sublimation.
New kinds of libidinal communities. Perverts gather for pleasure

Impossible to achieve sexual liberation under capitalism. De-sublimated sexuality released by the sexual revolution.

Channeled into commercialized forms of advertising and entertainment. Marketing sex appeal boosted consumption.