Fuck It! Scream and Shout

Having a good old scream during sex
can help women to orgasm a lot faster.

We’re using our voices by way of encouragement
and as a conscious decision rather than the sex
noises flowing out of you like water in a sex fountain.

It has a sort of domino effect; the more noise
a woman makes, the more confident her partner feels,
the more noise her partner makes, the more turned
on they’re both likely to get.

Yelling ‘Fucking Fantastic!’ acts as positive
reinforcement for the person we’re screwing.

It boosts your self-esteem in bed. When that happens
you feel way more relaxed, less stressed about doing
a bad job and therefore more likely to orgasm yourself.

Scream and Shout

This Is What You Do

1. Moans
There’s no denying that moaning is pretty sexy
Most men and women enjoy hearing their partners moan.

2. Dirty talk
Like hearing stuff that will make anyone blush?

3. Screams
It probably isn’t surprising that men deal with
screams better than women. A well-judged scream
at the right moment will help him climax.