Sex Campaign

Sexual repression starts in the family. By attempting
to control the entire development of their children,
parents raise their children in their own image.

In fulfilling this task the nuclear family fulfills
a basic function for capitalist society, the
socialisation of each new generation in the values
of bourgeois society and male superiority.

In this way the family has to bring up
children to fit social demands.

The sexuality of men and women has to be
violently forced into patterns of masculinity
and femininity which which doesn’t permit
‘abnormalities’ like promiscuity.

We are forced socially to repress our
sexuality to fit into the bourgeois world.

If we were less sexually repressed it might
be possible to accept our lives being defined
on a fundamental level by sex.

Most of history has demanded sex put on its trousers,
button up its jacket and exhibit decent behaviour.

That it be veiled by fine words and white lace,
suburban values and contented nuclear families.

The notion that sex can be about raw need, anything goes,
without consequences, existing on the surface of things,
has always been a cause for condemnation and moral panic.