Sultry Sex

Voluptuous Women

A beautiful woman, tall, well-proportioned,
with curves in all the right places.

By no stretch of imagination skinny or thin.
With a provocative walking style that
always attracts male attention.

Voluptuous women exude raw sex appeal.
Full figured with beg-to-be-noticed
breasts, a fine arse and shapely hips.

When Kylie Jenner was 17 years old, we watched her
go from looking like a sweet, innocent child to
a voluptuous woman practically overnight.

The most noticeable change was the size of her lips.
They’d always been thin, but they were significantly thicker.

At first, she denied she’d had lip
fillers injected. This caused a dangerous
trend among teenagers and young adults.

Many of her fans took to social media and YouTube
to try and recreate her lip look by sticking their
lips inside of a small cup and sucking all of the
air out of it. This caused their lips to swell.

In the end, it failed to recreate the same look.
It also caused ugly swelling and bruising.

The Girl
I Want to Fuck

Start a conversation with her. Ask her about her likes,
her dislikes, her hobbies, her dreams for the future,
her favourite places to eat etc.

When you have built a suitable relationship with her,
start to flirt. Invite her to go for
a drink with you or to dinner etc.

At the end of the night, close it with a kiss.
If she responds, read her body language.

If she seems she really likes you, then
ask her if she’d like to have a drink
back at your house, then go from there.

Just going up to a woman and asking her
for sex will likely result in a slap
in the face.

A classic example is when a woman went up
to 100 guys and asked them for sex.

Many of them said yes and they were
willing to have sex right then and there.

A guy went up to 100 women and asked them
to have sex with him and not a single
one said yes… See where this is heading?

You want to sleep with a woman? Then start
being attracted to her brain as well as her body.

She Lights My Fire

The 1960s were defined by recreational drugs and unhinged artists,
The Doors still ranked as one of the most outlandish.

Jim Morrison’s haunting croon, mixed with lyrics that
tackled murder (“Riders on the Storm“), isolation
(“People Are Strange“), and Oedipal complexes (“The End“).

The group was a lightning rod of controversy for the media.
Nothing embodies this defiance than The Doors “Light My Fire”

They performed it on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1967.
Told that he couldn’t sing the line “girl we
couldn’t get much higher,” because of its drug implications.

Morrison agreed and the band took the stage.
Then, in front of a national audience,
the singer ignored the request and looked
right into the camera as he sang the uncensored line.

It was the defining moment in rock and roll history.

Exposed Tasty Cunt

Why is cunt considered to be the ultimate
expression of “horrible language”?

Particularly in America, a country which
elected a man president after he boasted
about grabbing women “by the pussy”,
cunt isn’t so terribly shocking.

Over the past few decades there’s been a feminist
reclaiming of the word, which can be said to have
a more egalitarian history than ‘vagina’.

Vagina comes from the Latin for “sheath”, which
covers a sword. It’s nothing more than an
enclosure for a penis.

Cunt has always referred to the entire package of womanhood.

Asian Sensuality

Our most popular courtesans are of Asian
origin. They are expert at giving ravenous
sensual, exotic intimate pleasure.

The stereotype of Asians in porn is that
they’re long and lean and not very curvy.
That’s how white Americans see Asian sexuality.

Porn has taught us that Asian women love to be dominated.
We’re looking up with smiling faces, usually wearing
ridiculous pigtails, giggling, and giving blowjobs. And loving it.

The stereotype is that we are demure and shy.
We follow orders and enjoy it.

We love to service you so much that we gravitate
toward service jobs, like giving you a massage,
fixing your nails, and waiting on your table.

So we take a similar role, sexually
subservient in mainstream porn.

This fantasy teaches me to be sexually submissive
by showing images of other Asian female bodies
like mine being submissive during sex.

If that Asian female body is enjoying
her dominance, it makes it okay, right?

This colonization of Asian bodies
is an extension of Western nations’
colonization of Asian peoples.

On screen, the Asian body is dominated and pushed
into compliant submissiveness, mirroring the real
submissiveness experienced by colonized people.

Marvelous Posterior