A Free Spirit: Uninhibited Sex

Your average woman welcomes a one-night
stand with a complete stranger.

So long as the man she’s sleeping with
is magnificent in the sack, and she’s
the one to initiate the single night
of wildly uninhibited sex.

In other words, she needs to be horny as fuck
and banging a man who knows how to get her off.

Emma Jade pt2 from Joe Moore on Vimeo.

Not all of the free Love movements focused exclusively on women.
They all succeeded in eroding the rigid mindset of a patriarchal
society by the removing the sexual and social constraints which
were placed almost exclusively on women.

They broadened the minds of both men and women and
planted the seeds of the concept of women as owners
of their sexuality and masters of their destiny.

Sure, more women are getting their rocks off without
feeling the sting of shame or moral judgment.

Yet a quarter of them didn’t orgasm the last time
they had sex, a strike rate that might be seen as
encouraging except that figure has hardly budged in 10 years.

Fewer than half of all women said they had masturbated
in the past year. For girls aged between 16 and 19.
the figure falls to 30 per cent.