Ravish Me!

Rough Trade. Raunchy Sex. Take a Tumble.
Lots of Play in Bed. She Rides Her Man

What a woman wants is more aggressive sex. From being tied up
and spanked to having her hair pulled and being mildly asphyx-
iated. I’m not saying you should go home and smack your bitch
up. Maybe a bit of rough round the edges is in order.

The joy of sexual fantasy. Most aren’t realized. But as one woman
put it: “I’m tired of being that precious woman in the bedroom, of
making love and doing things gently all the time.”

“I want him to have raunchy sex with me and talk as if we’d just
met and he cares nothing about what I feel or need. I want him to
ravish me like an animal and tell me to shut my mouth when I try
to say something. I’m the slut. He’s a fucking bastard.”

Ravishing from Matt Blum on Vimeo.



Take a Tumble

Play Around in Bed

Don’t be afraid to engage in a little bit of rough-and-tumble in bed. Grab a pillow and have a pillow fight or stage a mock wrestling match. The victor gets certain agreed upon benefits. Like, who gets to come first?

If your bed is of the springy kind and not in imminent danger of falling apart bounce off it as you would a trampoline.

The purpose of this is just to ensure that the two of you have a fun time and engage in some laughs and lose any traces of self consciousness that you might still feel.

She Rides Her Man