Sexual Fantasies [Everyone Has Them]

Act Out Your Fantasies

By acting out our sexual fantasies under the right circumstances, we have the opportunity to experience our true desires and with time, work through the mastery of the conflicts behind them.

Whether it’s with a lover or a spouse, we connect – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – with the deepest part of our psyches, recovering what was suppressed or lost.

Whether the scenario is as conventional as romantic seduction or as robust as sex with toys, whips or ropes, we restore ourselves to wholeness bringing into alignment what we’ve uncovered about our secret desires with actual physical experience. ?

Sometimes this happen organically. One day we just might find ourselves falling into the arms of our lover or bent over their knee for a spanking. But setting up a specific scene with a partner may be more meaningful and satisfying.

Some partners prefer to keep the structure loose, emphasizing a few actions or fragments of stories, while others, prefer a more highly structured script laying out the scenario detail for detail.

Either way, we engage all our senses in full action – moving, talking, imagining, touching – an involvement that is ultimately both thrilling and spiritual.

When we act out our fantasies with a partner with whom we are truly sexually and otherwise compatible, we enter into an altered state, a realm in which play is supremely important, yet nothing could be more real and serious.

It is a paradox in which we ecstatically lose ourselves to passion, yet remain sublimely tethered to our deepest psychological truth, welcoming the ghosts of the past.

All the different levels of our sexuality run together and sex becomes profoundly meaningful. It is a true elixir – a cathartic experience which reconciles old conflicts and satisfies unmet needs.

Some of us may feel a particular fantasy shouldn’t be shared, that it would feel creepy or somehow destructive to act out it with a partner. You should you work through the fear, shame and guilt that holds your desire hostage.

It turns out that a woman’s top fantasy is girl-on-girl sex. Men frequently fantasize watching this. One woman described a sce­nario she masturbates to:

“I’m at the gym, alone in the steam room with a beautiful woman. Without talking, we let our towels fall and then start kissing, rubbing, and licking each other until we get off.”

What’s the allure? Most girls believe another woman would instinctively understand their bodies and know how to bring them to orgasm.

“I can so easily make myself come. I imagine another woman could do the same. Plus, it’s exciting to imagine how soft and different a woman’s body parts would feel versus a man’s.”