Anticipating Sex


The Key to Sexual Desire Is Anticipation

What we anticipate, what we desire is often greater in our imagination than the gratification we get. The stimulation derived from anticipation of gratification gives us greater pleasure than the final gratification.

The Pleasure of Anticipating Sex

Sexual anticipation is one of the greatest pleasures, surpassed only sometimes by the pleasure of sexual fantasy and masturbation.

The physical feelings experienced along with heightened stimulation from near anticipation of a sexual encounter is greater than the actual act.

To some, this might appear to be wrong and misguided, given our ability to recall moments of great sexual pleasure. However, are these memories exact? Or are these memories accurate?

For example, did the person we pleasurably fucked look exactly like our memory of the experience? Did all of our memory of the pleasure come from the act, or did some of it come from the feeling of satisfaction in fulfillment of the expectation?

Is the fulfillment of expectation/desire is the goal of sexual pleasure with someone we have desired, someone we consider sexually attractive?

When we discount the memory of the pleasure derived from the fulfillment of the desire/goal, is our memory of the actual sexual encounter still greater than our actual memory of the act?

Without the initial desire, without the anticipation, stimulation leading to the fulfillment would not necessarily be as pleasurable. We see the mind, the ego, the desires of I playing a substantial part in the fulfillment of pleasure from the act.

Loss of Sexual Pleasure When Anticipation Decreases

We see examples in our own lives when the lowering of anticipation and heightened pleasurable stimulation actually leads to a lowering of the pleasure derived from sex.

Sometimes, this is misrepresented as familiarity. However, familiarity itself cannot be classed as a prime cause of the lack of anticipation. Rather, it is how the ego changes its mind, once desired pleasures are fulfilled, or constantly fulfilled.

For many males, brought up with the modern developed world’s models of pleasures, sexual experience of pleasure with a regular partner over a period may lessen compared with the heightened potential pleasure from lusting after other women.