The Line Between Consent and Rape

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“She Was Asking for It”

The teenage boy who was accused of rape was cleared of all charges. He argued that the girl was asking to be raped because she wore tight fitting jeans.

The judges decided that because the jeans were so tight the girl would have had to help him take them off, and therefore the act was consensual sex.

Sexual assault is never justified, despite the myths that surround it. These are mainly ideas that people use to justify rape, such as “she was wearing sexy clothes so she was asking for it.”

There’s never an excuse and never an invitation to rape. As college students, most of us drink on occasion and attend parties. One important message that we want to get across is that a drunken “yes” is still rape.

When a girl is intoxicated it is implied that she cannot decide to give consent. If you meet someone at a party who has been drinking and then have sex with them it is considered rape and the aggressor can be convicted.

“Because she was drunk and partying” is not an excuse for rape. This is a scary reality for college students, where drinking and partying is a huge part of the culture of most campuses.

Sex is pretty amazing. It burns calories, blows off steam and should be a lot of excitement. But things can get messy. Sticky, sweaty, but also complicated. Feelings form, social boundaries change and then there is the imperative issue of consent.

Consent is much more detailed than just a “yes,” “no” or “maybe.” It is the difference between sex and rape.

Being in college, we’re all aware that drunken hook-ups have become a part of the expected pop culture college experience, but the typical drunken sexual encounter can be understood as non-consensual sex.

Legally, you cannot make a formal decision, sign a document, drive a car or even be in a public place while intoxicated. Alcohol blurs the lines between a “yes” to sex or “no” to sex. A “yes” consists of active, willing participation based on equal power and choice.

Rape is not just when the victim says “no” and the perpetrator ignores the protests but can also be the victim giving in from fear, going along in order to gain approval or being under 18. Consent is the use of sexual respect and communication.

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