The Age of Consent

Grooming Girls on Snapchat & Instagram

A High School teacher used Snapchat and Instagram
to lure a teenage girl into having sex with him.

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The first incident happened when he contacted the girl
via Snapchat saying he was going to visit her where she worked.

He then showed up and suggested they go into
a restroom and have sex, which they did.

He later messaged her suggesting she delete their message
thread and add him on Snapchat, which she did.

Conversations then took on an adult nature, asking her
if she liked a particular sexual position.

He then sent her a photo of himself naked and a video
of himself taking his pants off and suggested
she send him a photo in return.

He continued to send her messages over the next week,
saying he’d be free in the mornings for sex and that
his wife would be out of town so she should come over.

The victim then began to feel uncomfortable
and told him to stop contacting her

The two of them then stopped communicating.

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He was charged with two counts of sexual assault
of a teen, sending information to harm a minor,
and obscene communication using a computer to seduce a child.

He argued that the girl in question had
given her consent. No force was involved.
As far as he knew, she was over the age of sixteen.


Consent is permission for something to happen
or agreement for something to happen.
If a 16-year-old is educated properly about sex
and knows how to practice sex safely, then how do
they not know what they are doing?

If they give their consent, understand the consequences
of practicing sex, and their sexual partner is safe and
responsible, then why should it even matter if they have sex?

I bet the real reason behind this “consent” bullshit is
that parents can’t cope with the fact that an older man
is sleeping with their daughter.