Teenage Sex: Pumping Testosterone


Hot Shot from R E N A T O on Vimeo.


Whether they’re just thinking about it or doing it,
sex takes up a lot of a teenager’s time.

This new, unknown territory is a cause for
concern, excitement and exploration.

For both boys and girls, the key to sexual
drive is the sex hormone ‘testosterone’.

When testosterone levels reach a certain
threshold, teenagers start thinking about sex.
But this does not mean they start having sex.

Girls are only likely to get involved in sex
if their social environment encourages it
– if their friends are already involved,
or if their parents are permissive.

But in boys, high levels of testosterone
seem to lead to sexual activity regardless of
their social surroundings.

This may be because boys grow up in an environment
in which sexual behaviour is tolerated, even
encouraged, so it only takes the biological
trigger to start their sexual activity.

Teen Sex Possession