Contemporary Culture & Porn

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Teen Sex in the Family House

She Comes on

from Luc on Vimeo.

Women who dress in a sexually suggestive way are
guilty of indecent visual assault on a man’s
imagination, which can cause mental anguish and torment.

Don’t women understand the severity of what they’re doing?

Do they dress provocatively to please themselves,
because they want men to ogle at them,
or they know the feelings it stirs and
like the control they have over men?

Popular Culture Celebrates Voyeuristic Behaviour

from Porta Vittoria on Vimeo.

Pornography has become a culturally,
even socially validated fetish.

This resonates with today’s wider
tendency to devalue the private sphere.

Contemporary popular culture increasingly
expects us to talk about our feelings in
public, encouraging us to be ‘brave’
and disclose our desires to a mass audience.

‘How do you feel?’ is now the only question
which matters on reality TV shows, where the
more you disclose, the more you are respected.
This constant demand for revelation
empties intimacy of meaning.

When private thoughts which were once only
disclosed to an intimate are communicated
to a mass audience, human relationships corrode .

Sex also changes dramatically when
it becomes a public spectacle.

Only in the private sphere is it possible
to express intensity. In public, sex
becomes just physical coupling.

Paradoxically, the more sex is transformed into
a public spectacle, the more it becomes emasculated.
Sexual desire, a very human attribute, is transformed
into a need for physical release, just another fuck.

From this perspective, the principal virtue
of pornography is that it allows physical release
to be experienced outside a human relationship.

Young Woman Plays Alone