Deeper Penetration

Deep Penetration Sex Position: Hammer & Anvil

Collection: The Hammer & Anvil Position.
Sex Sandwich: Do You Girls Want to Play?
Older Women Sexual Experience. Swollen
with Pride. Sexual Arousal. Rough Sex

The Anvil is great
for clitoral stimulation

To perform the Anvil, lie down on your back
and let your man penetrate while he’s on top
as he normally would when doing the Missionary.

Instead of resting your legs on the bed as
you would in the Missionary, bring them
towards you while keeping them open.

Your man’s arms would usually be either side
of your shoulders on the bed. Now he lowers
them so that he can put one under each of your
knees and help you to lift them upwards to
change the angle of penetration.

Sex Sandwich:
Do You Girls Want
to Play?

last night's stand

If you’re looking for another woman
for your lust triad, it’d be better
if you to did the fishing.

Why? A woman may be more comfortable
talking to you about the possibilities
of a threesome. Then she’ll know
you’re as invested in this experience
as your partner is.

No woman wants to unsuspectingly come
between a man and his jealous, forced-
into-a-threesome woman.

Older Women
Sexual Experience

Older Women Sexual Experience

For a boy, dating the opposite sex can be a pain.
It’s troublesome enough just being friends but getting
to a relationship where they’ll take your pants off is
even more troublesome.

There is a way to experience sex with a
partner while avoiding all that annoying stuff.

Try asking an experienced mature woman to let you
have sex with her, even if it means getting down
on your hands and knees and begging.

There’s an old Japanese custom ‘fude-oroshi’, literally
‘dipping your brush in, where young Japanese men have
sex with an older, experienced woman to ‘learn the ropes’.

Swollen with Pride

swollen with pride2
Sexual arousal and rough sex

If you’re sexually excited, your vulva and vagina
aren’t just going to sit there. They prepare for action.

Increased blood flow causes both your vulva and vagina
to swell as part of the sexual response cycle.

If the swelling persists well after you’re
done, rough sex might be the cause.

Just like any other traumatised tissue
the vagina [and vulva] can swell.

You obviously don’t need to stop having rough sex.
You might want to try putting an ice cube wrapped
in a washcloth or an ice pack over your underwear
to give your vulva and vagina some much-needed relief.

Deep Throat

Music Makes Us

Deep Progressive from CONAN DOULOS on Vimeo.

Doggy Style is the perfect angle for
deeper penetration, G-spot stimulation
and easy access for bonus clitoral play.

Like it or adore it, you’ve probably done it
doggy style at some point in your sexcapades.

Despite the name leaving a lot to be desired
(seriously, who came up with it?), this
position offers up lots of benefits so you
get a great bang for the price.

Collection: The First Time She Has Sex.
Will It Hurt? Those Buttocks! Great
Fucking Position. Does Her Bum Look Big?
Technicolour Sex.

Will it hurt?

When thinking about your first time, worrying
about pain is a perfectly normal concern to have.

Many girls assume that losing their virginity will
be painful because of what they learn about the hymen,
a tissue that lines the opening of the vagina.

If it tears, it’s supposed to hurt…right?

Those Buttocks!

those buttocks

If the hymen is still intact, it might feel like
a little pinch, but it shouldn’t be very painful.

Also, before you even have intercourse, you could
have broken your hymen when using tampons, during
masturbation or even with strenuous exercise.

Great Fucking Position

great fucking position

It’s normal to experience bleeding during and
after the first time. Light spotting is typical,
but anything more than that may signal that something
is wrong (or maybe it’s that time of the month!).

It’s normal to bleed… and it depends on the kind of hymen
the woman has. There shouldn’t be too much blood.

If it’s flowing, then there is something else going on.

According to Liberman, the hymen varies in size
and thickness from girl to girl. This can dictate
how much bleeding, if any, you will experience.

Does Her Bum Look Big?

Sex might feel uncomfortable at first,
but the idea that penetration is
supposed to hurt is a myth.

Much of the pain that we associate with intercourse
comes if the woman’s body is nervous and tense.

Often because it’s an anxious moment, it can
be hard for the girl to self-lubricate.

That’s what can make intercourse
uncomfortable or even painful.

Technicolour Sex

‘Warming up’ is important. What’s considered
foreplay by many straight couples – oral,
fingering, manual stimulation, kissing and
touching – is considered having sex by many
gay and lesbian couples.

It can be a lot of fun and just as important as
having vaginal sex. Don’t just write it off
as something that you do on the way to the main event.

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