Sexual Excitement

Defining Sexual Attraction

Mixed Sex: Mash-up: Sexual Attraction Assembly Line.
What Makes Someone Sexually Attractive?
Healthy Diet & Exercise. Let’s Face It.
Hormonal Contraception Changes Perception.

What Do We
Look for in Faces?

The cues that we find attractive
are attractive for certain reasons.
It indicates what is known as mate quality.

A popular belief is that we tend to find
symmetrical faces attractive,
but there’s more to it than that.

Facial symmetry does have an effect on
attractiveness, but it’s a small one.
It’s true that more symmetrical faces
are perceived to be better looking.

But that’s an effect that is trumped by
other factors, like skin quality or
how masculine or feminine a face looks.

Vignettes of Beauty from Jay GreenMan on Vimeo.

Heterosexual white men tend prefer female faces with
bigger eyes, a pointier chin and higher cheekbones.

More feminine faces indicate high levels of oestrogen.

Women can vary in their preferences for male
faces. What’s perceived as attractive can
change over the monthly hormonal cycle.

Fantasize Me from Suelan on Vimeo.

Hormonal Contraception
Changes Perception.

For a woman who’s on a natural menstrual cycles, then during her period she prefers men with more masculine features.

She goes for masculine cues – masculine faces, deeper voices. But if you ask her about long-term relationship, her preference for masculinity will go down.

Interestingly, it seems hormonal contraception might change the landscape. the effects above don’t seem to happen so much with women on birth-control.

There’s a consistent preference for more feminine features in general. Women don’t get a strengthened preference for masculinity when they’re ovulating.

It seems that lifestyle can also affect how healthy and attractive we find others. There’s been research on the effects exercise and eating fruit and vegetables can have on attractiveness in Caucasian, African, and Asian faces.

If you increase your cardiovascular exercise it increases blood flow, which makes your skin look redder, which makes you appear healthy and attractive looking.

Also, if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables you get to consume carotenoids that can make your skin a bit more of a healthy yellow colour.

By increasing either fruit and vegetable consumption or aerobic exercise you could make your face look quite a bit better.

Fuck Me Eyes

Eye contact can be used to convey sexual desire.
It may not only be a lingering look, but a visual
probing. It plays a vital role in sexual attraction.


Eye contact can be used very much to command attention.
Eyes can be quite animated, for instance, widening of
the eyes to emphasize innocence or interest.

Or a slight squinting of the eyes which is often
referred to as a ‘knowing’ look, the latter particularly
with a slight chin raise – men are good at this!

Be careful not to confuse the ‘knowing’
look with the squinting ‘hate’ stare.
They’re opposite ends of the spectrum.

For women, widening the eyes can be a good technique
to use if you are sexually attracted to a man.

He finds this very appealing and respond in a protective
and nurturing manner [do women today like that?].

Widening the eyes is really quite a submissive
act to take, and actually cries out, ‘Wow, really?
Gosh, you’re so amazing, I’m enthralled! I want you!

Longing in Her Eyes

I can’t control my sexual desires

I’m a 16 year-old girl. I can’t control
my sexual desires for more than a few days.

I’ve never had sex and never will until I’m
married but its so difficult to control
these desires.

I just start imagining sex with my future
husband. It reliefs me a little but still
it’s very difficult.

Please don’t scold me for this. I don’t think
it’s only me who thinks like this.

Every girl of my age is like this. What should
I do to control these desires?

The answer is to masturbate. I have to do it
to relieve myself when i feel like this because
it can begin to take over.

Once you have masturbated you will feel a lot
better and less wound up about your teenage lust.

sexual longing

Do you feel the spark in your relationship?
It means that the thing that once drew you
together is no longer there.

It feels as if you’re in a relationship with a stranger.
Someone who doesn’t make your heart race as it once did.
Someone who doesn’t look at you with longing in their eyes.

What may have once felt like a passionate
relationship now feels like an obligation.

Her Longing Eyes from Angela Washko on Vimeo.

Smile for Me

People think they already know someone if that person
smiles at them, even if it’s an absolute stranger.

The theory: Scientists believe the need to bond is rooted
in our evolutionary past. Survival was more likely when
people combined forces, so humans acquired the smile as a
way to signal friendliness and to induce an agreeable
sense of shared history, whether there was one or not.

naked smile

Today, when someone smiles, a glum mood is lifted, an
apology is accepted, a person’s shaky self-confidence
gets a boost, a deal is struck, a physical attraction
is communicated.

But change the cast of a smile and the consequences shift.
A rival grins to get under your skin; a bully smirks to
unsettle his mark. Understanding the nuances helps ensure
that you send—and receive—the right mouth message.

Women smile significantly more than men do, especially in
their late teens and as young adults.

No surprise: It’s a time when each gender is sending out
heavy sexual signals. Also, males are less likely to
return a smile, especially to another guy.

Blame testosterone: Studies show that men with high
levels are averse to smiling. But there are times
when smiling is the best way to convey masculinity.

When men smile under duress or laugh at fear,
they’re showing that everything is under control.

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