Does Your Man Give You Head?

On Your Knees Boy!
Lick My Origin

You know where her clitoris is? Yes, right there.
Before shoving your cock into her, your tongue is
more significant. Lick her armpits, nipples, inside
thighs, her vulva and probe gently for the clitoris.
It doesn’t move. Try to stay focused and play with it!


It seems men can be ready to have sex, both
mentally and physically, at the drop of a hat.

This isn’t the case with most women. They usually require
more “warming up” before they are ready for sex, both mentally
and physically. If you want to better satisfy a woman in the
bedroom, then you might need to tune up your foreplay skills.

Don’t immediately lunge for the hot spots.
Going straight for a woman’s breasts, neck,
or other highly erogenous zones is not
a good way to kick off foreplay.

Gently rubbing her arms, stomach, legs, back, and hair
is a much better way to get her warmed up to the idea
of having sex. Going straight for a woman’s breasts
just screams desperation and selfishness.

Take your time before undressing her. Anticipation is
one of your best friends when it comes to foreplay.

Don’t be offended, boys, but a few nips and tucks
in your bedroom style might help things along

1. The clitoris is right there. Yes, right there.
Not over here, not down there, not off to the side.
It doesn’t move. Try to stay focused and play with it!

2. Don”t forget the lubricant. We may feel “so wet”
to you from our own fluids, but we need to be pretty
drenched with water-based lube for easy penetration.

3. Talk dirty to me. Some women become very aroused
by their imaginations, so a little dirty talk about
what you’re going to do to us stimulates our biggest
sex organ: our brain!

4. Get it wet. If you’re going down on us,
make sure to keep your tongue wet with spit.
A dry tongue chafes down there!

5. Watch your hands. Unless we’ve expressly indicated
that we like our headlights to be tweaked, do not
pinch our nipples in the heat of the moment.
They’re very, very sensitive!

6. Sometimes a light touch is better than a strong one.
And a sweet kiss with just your lips is better than
a Labrador retriever-style kiss with your tongue.

7. Stop getting stressed. That look of concentration
on your face makes it seem as if you’re doing calculations
in your head, not making love. Smile a little bit, eh?

8. Don’t forget the tits. Nipples should be a pit stop
on the way to Vaginaville—get off the express train!

I began to kiss her, then moved to her
large tits. Then to her trimmed vagina.

I spread her legs and put them behind her head.

She was very rude, and I loved it! “Lick my
pussy, make me come,” she said huskily.

I began licking and sucking her labia and clit
all those juices! She tasted fucking great.

I made her cum. She shuddered, then drained
her gorgeous juices into my mouth.

Lick Suck Sex

Can I Rub Myself Against You?

Even When He
Was Giving Head

Sex in the Shower

Showers aren’t the roomiest of places. You’re probably going
to have a limited number of positions available to you.

If you’re having any sort of penetrative sex, your best
bet is do standing up, both facing in the same direction.

The partner being penetrated can hold their hands up against
the shower wall for leverage. The person doing the penetrating
can also push against the wall or can hold on tight>

soap shower sex

One of the trickiest
challenges of shower sex

Trying to deal with height discrepancies. If one of you
is significantly taller than the other, have the shorter
person keep their legs closer together, and the taller
person widen their stance or squat a bit.

Try not to use your partner for leverage, as you’ll be
more likely to slip (and when one of you falls, the other
will almost certainly fall on top of you).


Girl on Fire from Simon Bolz on Vimeo.

Don’t Limit
Yourselves to

Remember, intercourse isn’t the only way to have sex. Many other sexual activities can be be more suited to the shower. Fellatio enthusiasts can have their guy stand at the edge of the shower head’s radius, so that the water is being deflected by his back and not getting into your eyes (it also helps to have a cushy bath mat to protect your knees). Or, use some silicone lube to give an extra-slippery handjob.

Push your girl against the wall of the shower and finger her from behind. You can also bring waterproof (emphasis on waterproof) sex toys into the shower to help get each other off with less effort.

The shower is also a great place for anal play, especially if you’re usually a big squeamish about the back door. You get the reassurance of knowing that everything is perfectly clean right before getting started.

You can also use the shower as foreplay. Tease your partner by letting them to watch you clean yourself, but forbidding them from joining you. Or you can make out and taunt each other with your hands and mouths, then move out of the shower to finish each other off (perhaps on a sturdy counter in your bathroom?)

Keep It Quick

I highly recommend going for a quickie when you’re having shower sex. It can make the experience feel that much more intense and passionate, not to mention save you from sore limbs, wrinkled fingers, and irritation from soaps and other bath products. Remember; you can always continue after you get out!

fuck me in the shower

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