Ejaculation: Survival of the Fastest?

Premature Ejaculation happens when a man experiences almost
immediate ejaculation despite minimal penile stimulation
either before or shortly after sexual penetration.

It is also known as Rapid ejaculation,
premature climax, and early ejaculation.

Coming a Second Time

Many men experience less sensitivity during
the second erection. This is often a good
treatment for premature ejaculation.

Ejaculate once (maybe during intercourse) then move
on to please your partner until you engorge again.

Use that second erection to have a longer fuck.

What if premature ejaculation isn’t a curse
after all but simply “survival of the fastest”?

It makes sense, from an evolutionary point of view,
that males who can ejaculate rapidly would be more
likely to succeed in fertilizing a female than those
males who require prolonged stimulation to reach climax.

Survival of the Fastest

In the ancestral past, wouldn’t there have been
some reproductive advantages to ejaculating as quickly
as possible during intravaginal intercourse?

This would let the male inseminate as many females
as possible in as short a time frame as possible,
allowing our ancestors to focus on other adaptive
behaviour apart from sex.

Perhaps, under surreptitious mating conditions,
it would have been important to do the deed
quickly without causing a big scene and attracting
other males on the hunt for a fertile female.

On average, human males achieve orgasm by ejaculating
around just two minutes after vaginal penetration,
whereas it takes the owners of these vaginas ten
or fifteen minutes to do the same once a penis is
inside, if they achieve orgasm at all.

This obvious gender mismatch between orgasm latencies
can be understood once we acknowledge the fact that
sex evolved for reproductive rather than recreational ones. D

Don’t forget, sex for sex’s sake is a relatively recent
technological innovation enabled by prophylactics
and other modern contraceptive inventions.

original sin

Coming Too Quickly

usually, a man with PE will climax less than two
minutes into sex, compared to the seven minutes
of the average man.

30 percent of men are affected by premature
ejaculation at some point in their lives and
some can be too embarrassed to find a solution.

Master the Mini-orgasm

Men should practice masturbating nearly to
the point of ejaculation, and then stop.

You’ll be able to tell when you’ve reached the mini-orgasm
phase because you’ll will experience one or two small
pelvic contractions – but won’t fully ejaculate.

Once familiar with this method, it’s time to use it
during sex to ease the tension mid-bonk – allowing you
to last longer without ejaculating.

Make your penis a sex toy

Perpendicular sex positions, that allow men to stimulate
a woman’s clitoris without penetration, are favourable.

As you each lie on your side facing each other,
create a 90-degree angle between your shaft and her vulva.

Instead of penetrating, press your shaft lengthwise
against her clitoris and gently move it back and forth.

Try using a numbing spray

If all else fails, try purchasing a numbing spray –
these delay ejaculation and can increase bedroom
lasting power by up to two minutes.

One study even found that men could last as long
as 11 minutes after a few sprays.

On the Other Hand

Get Her to Climax First. Her labia will
be engorged and her vagina supple and moist.

There will be much less friction for
your penis. Premature ejaculation is
more often caused by a tight dry vagina.

There again, if you come too quickly tell her that was a warm-up.
You’ll be back inside here in a few minutes with rigidity.

Are You Coming Back In?

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