Teenage Lust

Erotic Teen Girls: Challenging the Taboo

Let’s Face It: Men Desire Teenage Girls.
Teen Girls Have Sexual Magnetism.
Natural Attraction. But Why the Taboo?

It’s not abnormal or unusual for most heterosexual
males to find post pubescent females attractive.
The natural consequences of biology.

It’s only in the last 100+ years this
natural attraction has been curbed
by social restrictions and legal prohibitions.

It used to be considered normal
and natural for most females to get
married soon after they reached puberty.
Most commonly between 11-15 years of age.

What is actually happening is that sexual
repression in western civilization restricts
natural sexual desires by making underage sex taboo.

When you’re a teenage girl, it’s hard to know the shape
of your own sexuality. Before you can even begin to suss
out its contours from within, you feel such pressure from others.

Parents want to deny it.
Your friends want to egg it on.
Authorities want to control it.
The media want to capitalize on it.

Teenage boys, walloped by their own suddenly
turbocharged libidos, want to bulldoze it.

And grown men, who stare and follow and otherwise
try to insinuate themselves into your confidence,
want things that seem both terrifying and thrilling.

What do teenage girls want? Stuck at the center
of this maelstrom of other people’s fears and
fascination, how can they even tell?

Trained by a lifetime of watching films in which
the surfaces of girls are all that matter,
we moviegoers are sometimes blinded too.

Lolita weeps inconveniently in the next
room, and Humbert Humbert turns a deaf ear.

A teenage girl wants to satisfy her curiosity and lust.
Yet most puritans would cry ‘transgression’ using
“lust” in reference to a 15-year-old.

Isn’t ‘She wanted it!’ the habitual excuse
of abusers and other dubious characters?

Why should the designs of creeps like that
end up dictating what girls and women are
allowed to say about their own lives?

I adore teenage girls. That doesn’t make me a pervert.
I wouldn’t dream of invading their space or try to seduce them.
But if they want to practise their seductive techniques…

Talking about
Pedophilia No
Longer Taboo

There is a growing consensus that pedophilia should
probably be classified as a distinct sexual orientation,
like heterosexuality or homosexuality.

lolita doll

There’s a tabloid media obsession with the
subject, combining both shock and titillation.

A sustained hate campaign by a notorious British tabloid
to “name and shame” pedophiles brought mobs on to the streets
to demonstrate against the presence of shadowy monsters in their midst.

As a result, paranoia about the danger from solitary,
predatory deviants far outweighs the infinitely more
real menace of abuse within the home or extended circle.

The vast majority of sexual violence is committed
by people known to the victim. Only very rarely is
the danger from the “stranger in the white van”.

The reclassification of pedophilia as a sexual
orientation can be seen as part of ‘the sexual
liberation discourse’ which has existed since
the 1970s.

There are a lot of people who say we
were wrong to outlaw homosexuality.
Perhaps we’re wrong about pedophilia.

Adolescent Male Lust

Chase the Fuck

The average adolescent male is more interested in sex than the average female and is much more likely to:

feel very strong urges to have intercourse

take sexual risks, regardless of the consequences

be unfaithful

try ‘commercial’ (ie paid for) sex

feel extremely unhappy and disaffected with life if he is not having regular sex with a partner

feel desolate if a woman he loves rejects his sexual advances.

And the average man tends to be more swiftly roused than the average woman.

Indeed, the slightest thing can set a man off – for instance:

the sight of a woman’s cleavage

noticing a woman’s buttocks which has a shape that appeals to him

seeing a good pair of legs

getting even a whiff of perfume.

Of course, we are not suggesting that the average teen boy acts on these arousal triggers whenever they happen.

But it can help girls to understand their boyfriends if they are aware of just how driven males can be where sex is concerned.

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