Provocative Sexuality

Free Sex Movement. Be Provocative
Liberate Desire. When Girls Open Up

We regularly take pleasure in doing purposeless things.
We do them because we enjoy them, because participating
in such activities brings us pleasure.

Activities which distract us from any ‘why’ questions.

Which helps explain why why fuck so much.
Sex makes sense because it makes no sense.

Free Sex Movement

Free Sex is a social movement which rejects marriage.

Matrimony is institutional, a form
of social and financial bondage.

Much of the free-sex tradition is an offshoot
of anarchism, reflecting a libertarian philosophy.


Liberate Desire

The Surrealists idea of love had little in common with
the sugary and restrictive sentiments of bourgeois society.

Surrealist passion, freed from scruple and calculation,
would liberate desire and reveal the half-seen worlds
that lay behind mundane reality.

It would unlock a magical place of wit and ardor
where Venus could be both a delightful muse
and a magnificent monster.

It was this pure world of the imagination,
not the prostituted world of most daily life,
that represented reality to the Surrealists.

When Girls Open Up

It’s ironic sex is still considered
a taboo in India despite this being
the land of the Kamasutra.

But things are changing for the better
at least in many sections of the urban
and educated Indian society.

For example, premarital sex is not made
out to be that much of a big as it used
to be in the past.

We got young women to talk about
the first time they had sex.

The women interviewed were refreshingly
honest in their replies when answering
questions about having sex the first time.

Deep Progressive from CONAN DOULOS on Vimeo.

The source of sexual pleasure may differ
widely from one woman to the next.

Some enjoy clitoral stimulation, others prefer
stimulation of the G-spot, some want to have
their breasts and nipples touched, and others
desire deep penetration that reaches the cervix.

Sexual Provocation


Be Provocative

Wear thigh-high stockings and a skirt
with a slit up the side of one leg
when you are out on a date.

Not many women wear stockings these days.
As soon as you cross your leg over and he
catches sight of your suspenders he will
instantly be thinking of sex.

And not just any sex; he will be thinking
of the naughty kind of sex you find in
his secret fantasies!

Keep bringing his attention to your stockings
by absently stroking your knee or your thigh.

Uncross and re-cross your legs. Stand up to go
to the ladies and pointedly hitch your skirt
back down and give him a knowing look.

The urge to rip that skirt off and see exactly
what is underneath will be overwhelming for him.
You will be in for a treat tonight…

Provocative from ProvocaTV on Vimeo.

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