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Girls with Pale Skin. Lesbian Finger Fuck.
Morning Erection. Start with a Hand Job.
Hardcore Lesbians

pale fire

Girls with Pale Skin

With my dark red hair and white,
Freckled skin, I fry up in the sun.

“Get a tan!” bellowed a bozo from one of the
hundreds of people packed on Jersey Shore.

As I walked across the hot sand in a black one-piece,
the idiot call continued, fading into the distance.

I was embarrassed, sure, but I could see the humor.
Among all the tanned, coconut-scented girls,
I probably looked like Goth Barbie.
I just didn’t fit in at the beach.

If You Believe It

Redheaded women are more sexually active,
had more partners and more frequent sex.

Women who dye their hair red are
signalling they want a sexual partner.

Women in a fixed relationship are letting
their partners know they are unhappy if
they dye their hair red, suggesting they’re
looking for something better.

Sharp Objects

Amy Adams [below], is at the top of her game
as an I-can-barely-be-bothered-to-get-dressed alcoholic.

Amy Adams Oozes Sexuality

Her mother, Patricia Clarkson, has a porcelain
creepiness which casts a dark spell.

The long guerrilla war they’re fighting with one
another is just so much more fascinating than
the question of what manner of monster might be
out there, stalking the town’s innocent
and not-so-innocent teenagers.

Lesbian Finger Fuck

Hard Lesbians powered by YouPorn.

Vulva Hands

A gesture used in lesbian gatherings
during the 1980s, probably started in the
women’s peace camp at Greenham Common in England.

It continued at the Seneca Women’s
Peace Encampment in upstate New York,
indicating the strength of lesbian sexuality.

The two forefingers and thumbs were placed
together to form a triangle, and then
the hands were held over the head.

Some lesbian jewellery still uses
the image of vulva hands.


In lesbian sex, to finger-fuck or
stroke a woman’s genitals.


English translation of a
Chinese term for the lesbian
sexual act of finger-fucking.

get your erection here

get your erection here

Morning Glory [Involuntary Erection]

How to Get a Hard-on Without Really Trying

Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT] aka morning wood or
morning glory is the spontaneous occurrence of an
erection of the penis during sleep or when waking up.

Evidence supporting the possibility that a full
bladder can stimulate an erection has existed
for some time and is characterized as a ‘reflex erection’.

The nerves that control a man’s ability to have
a reflex erection are located in the sacral
nerves of the spinal cord.

cause for erection

A full bladder is known to mildly
stimulate nerves in the same region.

This mild stimulus which during the day is
normally suppressed in adult males by
competing stimuli and other distractions.

The possibility of a full bladder causing
an erection, especially during sleep,
is further supported by the beneficial
physiological effect of an erection
inhibiting urination, thereby helping to
avoid nocturnal enuresis [bed-wetting].

Start with a Hand Job

powered by YouPorn.

The strawberry milkshake is a slang term for
analingus performed at the same time as a hand job.

If that sounds up your street, what you’ll need
to do is get your man to stand with his back
to you, ask him to bend over [easier access
to his anus] while you squat on the ground.

Now for the milkshake part. Reach between
his legs and work his penis with your hand[s].
Imagine you’re milking the cow.

You’re going to use your tongue to stimulate his anus.

Sound like a bit much? Well, the idea is
to give intense simultaneous stimulation
to two different sexually sensitive areas.

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