Naked Sexual Desire

Art, Nudes & Male Sexual Desire

To be ‘canceled’ in the parlance of our politically
correct age, is to be found to be ideologically
problematic and to be banished from morally
respectable ‘woke’ purists alert to injustice.

Not merely to lose a job or to be ostracized,
but to be eliminated from all recognition of
having ever existed. In the older terminology
used by George Orwell to capture the totalitarian
spirit of his day, to be canceled is to become an Unperson.

To quote a self-righteous wokish journalist.
“In contemporary discourse, the name Renoir
has come to stand for sexist male artist”.

[Renoir painting above].

How bigoted to claim the female nude in art is sullied
by the intrusion of unseemly male sexual desire.

Any wokens out there will be disgusted by what follows

Fine art nude photography is a genre of fine-art photography
which depicts the nude human body with an emphasis on form,
composition, emotional content and other aesthetic qualities.

The distinction between fine art photography and other subgenres
isn’t absolute, but there are certain defining characteristics.

Glamour photography focuses on showing the subject of
the photograph in the most attractive way.

Pornographic photography has the primary purpose
of sexually arousing the viewer. In fine art nude
photography the erotic interest is secondary.



This is an nude art session, held
at a college where the model poses
in unique positions for artistic shots.




Fine Art Nudes in Slow Motion: The Humble Beginnings from Nikolart on Vimeo.






Nude Art from Yves Chauvel on Vimeo.

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