Engorged Sexual Arousal

Are You Sure She’s Engorged

Focus on Foreplay

If the vagina feels “too tight” during sex
the woman is either not interested or
hasn’t had enough warm-up time to allow her vaginal
musculature to relax enough for comfortable insertion.


You shouldn’t attempt intercourse before
she’s fully roused and her vagina has
relaxed and become well lubricated.

Most women need at least 30 minutes of foreplay.
This includes kissing, hugging, and mutual massage
for their vaginas to relax enough to allow
the penis to slide in comfortably.

That’s why leisurely, playful,
whole-body foreplay is so important.

It gives women (and men) the
warm-up time they need.

It also allows the vagina to relax, and, in most
women, produce enough natural lubrication for
comfortable intercourse. the solution to vaginal
tightness is extended foreplay. It you need
more lubrication, try a commercial lubricant.

Lesbian Threesome Orgasm

If you’re queer and looking to explore that
side of you, that’s one thing, but most queer
women aren’t going to appreciate being the tick
next to the box “make out with a girl”
on your to-do list.

Women, especially queer women, are highly sensitive,
highly emotional beings and we don’t appreciate
feeling used, especially by other women.

Favorite Sex Fantasy

Whether you are being raped, ravished, abducted,
tied up, spanked, teased, forced to dress like
a slut or led around on a leash as the slave of
a powerful, sexy Master or Mistress, in a
submission fantasy, you get to be made to do
or get what you secretly desire.

So a foot fetishist will be “made” to worship
feet, the nipple masochist “forced” to suffer
extra painful nipple clamps and the panty lover
“ordered” to put on the mistress’ knickers.

Dominant/submissive scenarios may involve
master/slave, goddess/supplicant, rapist/victim,
boss/employee, teacher/student, parent/child,
john/hooker, doctor/patient or guard/prisoner.

Favorite Sex Fantasy

Get Me Hard

Increase Erection Hardness.
Tighten Vagina Muscles.
Improve Orgasm Control

The exercise involves your PC muscle
(your pelvic floor muscle) which can
be easily identified by flexing your
penis or vagina.

This is what you do to stop the flow
of urine midstream, or to hold your urine
in when you need to pee.

Strengthening your PC muscle (it’s located
in the same area for men and women) is
imperative for both genders to help
overcome sex problems.

It can lead to mind-blowing orgasms.

So what is required of you is to contract your
pelvic floor muscles internally, keep contracted
for the count of five. Then relax those muscles.

This is one cycle. Contract, keep the muscles
contracted for the count of five, then relax
those muscles. Repeat. You can gradually build
up the number of cycles.

Get Me Hard

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