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Hump & Grind


Men Are
Forever Adolescent

College men [mostly jerks] use crass sexualized interactions as a diagnostic tool for sexual interest.

Grinding is a perfect example. A guy grabs a girl from behind and starts dancing with her, crotch to crotch. It’s a process so bizarre that it happens only in the dark.

Unwanted grinding and groping are low-level interactions that seem of little consequence, but they set a standard for hooking up that encourages physical boldness by men and poor communication by women.

Male jerks think girls are fundamentally indecisive and have to be physically told what they want is at the root of the “No means yes, yes means anal.

Then there’s dry humping. What the hell is it? And is it just something for sexually inexperienced high school kids? It’s pretty much the act of getting it on without actually getting it on — sex with clothes on.

I’ve heard it called outercourse, non-penetrative sex and “heavy petting.” I’d go ahead and say that grinding on the dance floor to ‘get low’ could even be considered dry-humping.

It’s actually possible to climax from dry humping. I know a lot of people who are fans of the fully-dressed horizontal mambo and don’t mind keeping their clothes on for a night.

Humping Your
Way to Orgasm

Outercourse. Heavy petting. Dry sex.
Tribadism. Dry humping.

No matter what you call it, the act of rubbing
your vagina against your partner’s leg, knee,
erection, or other body parts deserves more
respect and love than most people give it.

(Ditto for rubbing your vagina against sofa
ends, pillows, and other inanimate objects.)

Dry Humping isn’t just something people do
before they’re ready to have penetrative sex
or be completely naked in front of a partner.
For both men and women dry humping can lead
to mind-blowing orgasms.

Clitoral stimulation for cisgender women is
the goddess of sex, but is typically overlooked
due to our patriarchal view on sex and pleasure.

Men can come from outercourse but dry humping is
all about the clitoris.The repetitive motion
applies constant friction and pressure to the clit.

Sex on
the Sofa

Look Who I Spotted
in the Supermarket Car Park

Where Do I
Find Someone
So Sweet?

You Know
She Wants You

The Scent
of Sexual Sweat

Men’s sweat smells different when they are sexually aroused. Women can tell the difference, even though they’re not conscious of it.

In surveys, people say that body odors are important in selecting a mate. But we don’t really know exactly what role body odors play in human sexuality.

Women distinguish the odor of sexual sweat from neutral sweat by processing the odors in different parts of the brain.

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