Sexy Girls

Girls Together Enjoying Sex

The Girls Dream Sleepover. New Wave Punk Girl.
Taboo Arousal. Forbidden Fruit. Going Down
Does Your Girl Gush? Authentic Orgasm.
Vulva to Vulva

the girls dream sleepover

There’s a lot of bad behavior among the tribe of punk girls.
They have sex with multiple strangers and each other.

They drink to excess for weeks on end and make bone-headed
decisions for which they suffer not too terribly.
(Crabs, hangovers and snubs are among the sternest punishments.)

New Wave Punk Girl

She was using drugs by the time she was 12,
slipping out of the house to go see Led
Zeppelin when was 13 and cutting punks’
hair with hedge clippers.

She was traumatized and caused trauma.
She gave as good as she got. She ended
up being a speedball junkie on the
Lower East Side, she was at Rikers,
at Bellevue, in God knows how many rehabs.

Pleasure Girl: This
Is How You Do It

Hand Job Money Shot


Taboo Arousal

Going Down

Does Your Girl Gush?

Authentic Orgasm

Girls Together [Vulva to Vulva]

“Scissoring” is when two women touch
clitorises to stimulate each other.

It is one of the most common ways lesbians have sex.

Rubbing genitals is pleasurable in itself.
When two women do it, this genital-to-genital
rubbing falls under the definition of tribbing.

This is when a woman engages in genital stimulation
with her partner by rubbing or humping their
vulva against some part of a partner’s body.

Tribbing can be vulva to thigh,
elbow, kneecap, or elsewhere.

Scissoring is a form of tribbing because it’s
vulva-to-vulva or clitoris-to-clitoris stimulation.

The act of rubbing one’s vulva on an object, body part,
or another vulva is often pleasurable, as it generally
includes the clitoris receiving stimulation,

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