Sexual Experience

Give Me a Woman with Sexual Experience

An older women shouldn’t feel she’s past her sexual best.
What she lacks in youth she more than makes up for
in wisdom, success and fucking experience.

A sexually experienced woman will just do what she wants
with you, guiding you all the way, because she knows
just how she likes it. What’s more is that she probably
knows how you like it too.

It’s good to try everything once. Just don’t
bluff or pretend that you know what you are
doing or she’ll see right through you.

There’s nothing wrong with a guy who has less experience.
In fact, many women like it when a guy says, “Wow, I’ve
never tried that before,” because it makes them feel special.

Experienced women know exactly what they want
and how they want it. They are not afraid to
communicate their desires in a clear way.

They seem more flexible in talking about new
frontiers and being firm on boundaries they’ve
already explored and don’t like.

I prefer ‘sexually mature’. They understand
and take responsibility for their own pleasure.

They’re more in the moment, doing their stuff and
communicating properly. You’ll know what they want.

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