Give Me Lust

She Loves to Masturbate

In the haze of drifting off to sleep, sexual arousal
is pulsing through my body. Night time just seems to
bring out the lust.

I’m sandwiched between my mattress and the soft
cotton sheet draped over my body. My hand, my ever
faithful lover and so true, lazily cups my breast.

My hand stays there for a moment feeling the natural
soft pillow. My fingers move up and over my erect
nipple until it is in between my pointer and middle fingers.

The nipple rubs from the crevice of the fingers to
the nails over and over and over again.

The other hand over my panties is cupping my mound
creating a super protective shield. I rock gently
back and forth on my hand for a bit. Just rocking.

I grab the fluffy pillow next to me and stuff it
between my legs. I position myself to lay on my side.
While still in my panties, I rock back and forth on
the pillow. Back and forth.

Imagine a world in which Instagram direct messaging
and tweets didn’t exist. A world where swipe left
or swipe right didn’t determine your desirability
and couldn’t enforce gender dynamics.

Today dating apps place you in a box
to be submitted and objectified.

Are there no longer limits? Is it enough to be happily
single, bound to no limits and in a society that
welcomes polygamy to pan-sexual identities.

How do we even begin to navigate commitment or lust in
the entanglement of the vast online-dating universe?

So Much Lust

Lust is an altered state of consciousness
programmed by the primal urge to procreate.

The brain in this phase is much like one on drugs.
MRI scans show the same areas lights up on coke or
the intense lust of physical attraction.

Sweet Lust

sweet lust

There are chemical benefits at the start
of a sexual affair. Particuliary for teenagers.

A surge in testosterone and estrogen increase sexual
desire for another person early in a relationship.

Novelty and excitement both increase the
activity of dopamine and norepinephrine
in the brain, the neurotransmitters
associated with energy, motivation and elation.

Bring out
the Lust

Don’t Rush Me from Dazia Moore on Vimeo.

Lusty Lesbians

Who Wants Love?
Give Me Lust

Lust is an intense sexual attraction to another person.
At its best, lust can be the glue that draws us to
a partner and allows for deep physical connection.

Lust is often fueled by idealization and projection
of what we want to see rather than the reality of
the person and situation.

It can be both wild and dangerous
But, hey enjoy the ride while it lasts.


Love — real love — is about commitment
and communication. These two important
components lead to stability in a relationship.

But who wants that? Stability is boring.
It’s the step before conformity.

Lovely Fucking Sight

lovely fucking sight

Settling down, a routine, the
future filled with predictability.

Believing in love is part of our conditioning.
It tames lust, restricts rebellion, ensures
we make do with our lives. Marriage,
children, responsibility, towing the line.

Essential Sexual Arousal

What we need is lots of drama, chaos and
more emotional gut blows than butterflies.
What we need is lust not love.


When we were together just hanging around
or watching a movie, I’d always catch myself
wondering, “Why aren’t we having sex right now?”

I’m serious. I couldn’t give a damn about
the ending to whatever movie was on,
if it meant we were having sex instead.

Can You Feel Her?

can you feel her

Lust is all about gratification
with no concern for anything else.

I could easily sleep with someone other than him and
not feel a twinge of regret. Lust blurs boundaries
It doesn’t matter about right or wrong.


Have Sex with Me


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