Give Me More Fetish

Sex Mix: Stimulate Her Nipples. Taking It like a Pro.
Porn Designed for The Male Gaze. If You Want
a Blowjob or Cunnilingus, get on the Bidet First.

Breast Fetish

Stimulation of the nipples activates an area of
the brain known as the genital sensory cortex.

This is the same brain region activated by
stimulation of the clitoris, vagina and cervix.

A woman’s brain is able to process nipple
and genital stimulation in the same way.

It’s not surprising many women are roused by having
their nipples touched. Some can orgasm from that alone.

Taking It
Like a Pro

Porn Designed for the Male Gaze

I’m often asked why so many males like watching
lesbian porn.Because it’s faked. The women are
usually there to rouse heterosexual males, not dykes.

When straight men watch fucking on screen
they’re not interested in the man. What
rouses them is the women being fucked.

Look at the image above. All you see of the
man is his cock. Enough already. Look at
the woman. Her gaze is towards you, the voyeur.
You’re the one fucking her. Get the picture?

Last Night’s Temptation

Bidet Contraception

The bidet is for vaginal rinsing
A brief history of the widely unknown contraception device

Do you have a bidet in your bathroom? The true purpose
of the bidet is documented only as a joke: An American
tourist discovers a bidet in her Paris hotel bathroom.

She asks the maid: “Oh, how lovely – is this to wash
the babies in?” – The French hotel employee answers
smilingly: “No, Madame – this is to wash the babies out!”

Bidets (seat-basins) were already known in antique times;
Greek marriage contracts stipulate that they had to be
available for vaginal rinsing before and after coitus.

Bidets are seen as a pretty ineffective way of
emergency contraception. But better than nothing.

Bidets have often been linked to sex and scandal.
In the US and UK various forms of douching were
thought of as a pregnancy preventive.

Bidets were considered a form of birth control.
The presence of a bidet was regarded as a symbol of sin.

Americans were introduced to bidets during World
War II, when troops were stationed in Europe.

GIs visiting bordellos would often see bidets in
the bathrooms, associating these basins with sex work.

My Bidet from Valeria Coizza on Vimeo.

Given America’s puritanical past, it makes sense
that once back home, servicemen would feel squeamish
about having these fixtures to their homes.

Bidets are having a comeback. Rather than using wet wipes
which block sewage systems, a quick spritz with water is
eco-friendly. A good habit for both men and women. If you
hope for a blowjob or cunnilingus, get on the bidet first.

If you don’t have a bidet, the bath will do.

Flush After Sex

After that amazing sexual experience,
whether with a partner or on your own,
it’s tempting to lie back and bask in
the glory of your orgasm.

Just so, but soon enough get up and go flush yourself.

Washing your vagina after sex (including sex with
yourself) is a healthy habit for vulva-owners.

Rather than standing over the sink trying to splash
water into your cunt, use the shower attachment.

Or even better, get a bidet. The original form
of birth control. Flush out the semen!

Deliciously Weird
Sex Titillation

out-of-the-ordinary sex

Variety is the spice of sex. Being in a rut can really
discourage someone or even make sex seem like a chore.

Trying new things doesn’t mean you need to bring out
the whips and chains just yet, but it does mean new
experiences should be on your want-to list.

deliciously weird

A Cucumber for Pleasure

Japanese Lolita

My Fetish Girl

my fetish girl

Unusual Sex Acts

Try sex in
a different room

In the shower, outside, different positions
(don’t hurt your back), costumes and role-
playing, or even adding in new ways to
creating tension with restraints.

There’s no right or wrong way to spice things up.
It’s really about figuring out what works and
what kind of things you’d like to try.


Bang Bang

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