Male Sexuality

Good Guys Wear Condoms

There’s this commonly held belief that condom use
makes sex feel less natural or pleasurable.
But when people use them, sex is usually pretty good.

good guys wear condoms

In a representative sample of men and women,
ratings of sex were high, with few differences
based on condom or lubricant use.

No significant differences were found in men’s ability
to have erections with or without condoms or lubricants.

Why do condoms seem to get such a bad rap?
There’s obviously a power element at play,
or everybody would be using a condom.
It’s a macho thing: You take care of it,
you’re my possession.

It’s a myth that men hate to use condoms.
More women don’t like them They feel it
decreases sensation and sensitivity.

Porn Star Belladonna Talks About Condom Use in Porn from alison hart on Vimeo.

Pandemic Times

Choosing positions that minimize face-to-face contact:
Spooning sex, doggy-style, reverse-cowboy/cowgirl/cowperson.

Consider agreeing to stick to sexual arrangements which
keep your faces far apart, and ideally with one person
faced completely away from the other.

It’s a bit of a spontaneity-killer, yes, but it’s a good
idea to agree to this one before you start having sex,
to avoid ‘the heat of the moment’ making the decisions for you.

Keep It Quick

Using condoms and other barriers: Wearing
a condom during sex will decrease your
exposure to saliva or feces.

For oral sex, using a condom or dental dam
similarly provides a barrier. This is especially
important for any anal contact.

Minimizing the length of a sexual encounter is
a harm reduction strategy in how it’s reducing
the amount of time you’re potentially being
exposed to the virus.

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