Sexual Excitement

Feast Your Eyes: Gorgeous Girls

“As my screen filled with gorgeous
girls strutting around in their
bikinis, I looked down at my new
boobs and smiled. I was finally a
step closer to looking like them.”

Feast Your Eyes on Instagram

She isn’t the only person to resort to cosmetic
surgery to look like her reality show idols.

Dubbed the “Love Island effect”, the average age
of women going under the knife for the first time
has dropped from 42 in 2012 to 37 in 2018,
making it the youngest it’s ever been.

Non-surgical treatments favoured by Love Island
contestants, such as Botox and fillers, now account
for nine out of 10 procedures and are worth £2.75billion.

Gorgeous Gabrielle from Tiago Ribeiro on Vimeo.

Stunning is a surprising maybe shocking
appearance, which supposedly may
cause loss of consciousness.

The striking, devastating beauty
of a female stops a man in his tracks.

Her stunning looks are mind-blowing and jaw-dropping.
Lost for words and uncontrollable arousal.

Gorgeous is a synonym for beautiful that
describes a very powerful physical attraction.

While ‘beautiful’ may have more of an inner/outer quality,
gorgeous is a purely sexual response .

It can be used for both male and female beauty,

Dirt bike with jenny & kate – Pinkkiss from Alexander Alexandrov on Vimeo.

Lovely is a synonym for what is generally a feminine
beauty that describes an elegant and/or radiant beauty.

Adorable has the same sense as cute, but it’s a bit stronger.
It’s a way to talk about a lighter, more playful form of beauty
that can be applied to pets, babies/kids, and people for whom
you may or may not have a romantic attraction.

Gorgeous Girl Makes Love

Young Fit Available

Pop culture and pornography sexualize young women
by creating undue pressure to look and act sexy.

These pressures affect both the sexual expectations
girls put on themselves and those boys project onto them.

Girls often navigate between being considered slutty or
a prude.Their own desires were often lost in the shuffle.

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