Seize the Fucking Moment

I Want You to Fuck Me

In our room, we undress ourselves, ready to jump each other and unwilling to let anything slow us down.
He launches into me. Our motions are in sync, I’m wet and feeling every inch of him inside of me.

I think I’m going to come for the first of who knows how many times, but as I do I can tell he’s getting softer.

I let out a moan of disappointment. He slides out of me and rolls to his back with his arm hanging over his forehead. “It’s embarrassing…but I want you to humiliate me.”

I Want You to Fuck Me

I want you to give me that look I used to get,
the one that tells me you’ll be inside me
right away because you can’t contain yourself.

I want you to straddle me and tell me
you’ve been “waiting all day to do this”.

I want you to kiss my neck, breasts, my inner thighs.
I want to gasp with pleasure when you slide inside me.

He Tickles Her Fancy


Laid-Back Opened-Up


Voluptuous Goddess

voluptuous goddess

Luscious Labia


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