Grab Those Buttocks!

Why are most men attracted
to a woman’s backside?

That’s how males choose females for mating.
A prominent butt means the girl would be
productive and raise children easily.

The buttocks contain fat which which helps
sustain a pregnancy. Males are unconsciously
aware of this. Their brains are hardwired
to seek out a fertile female.

I want to grip those buttocks!

There are several ways men can recognise a ‘fit’ woman.

hair color and length, legs, butt,
breasts, hair quality, skin, teeth, smell

The buttocks have top place when it comes to visibility.
Incidentally, they’re also a good shape and texture for
holding in your hands. Unlike female sex organs which
are hidden even if a woman is naked.

No wonder we hold on to those buttocks.

Bum’s the Word

Erotic Quartet from Arsenic Video on Vimeo.

The rise in bum appreciation is probably why
doggy style is the UK’s favourite sex position.

It could also explain why more
couples enjoy spanking sessions.

Jennifer Lopez first brought the bum back
in the early 2000’s before Kim Kardashian
cemented its significance in pop culture
over the past decade.

Not forgetting the growing trend of booty-centric
beatification in the realm of cosmetic enhancements.

This is partly due to pop culture phenomena like
the hard-to-miss Nicki Minaj butt and the ever-growing,
unwieldy obsession with big-booty “twerking”.

Ride It, Girl

Buttocks Bring out
the Baboon in Men

Where do we even start? The video of “Work” is
such a mushroom cloud of sexiness that we realise
life is worthwhile with Rihanna in it.

Showing us Drake and RiRi in this crowded,
sweaty club, which is so sexy just on its own.

I loved the scenes where Rihanna is dancing
to her own reflection in the mirror, away
from Drake and the crowd, and from us, too.

She’s got that come-hither swag.
The way the cinematography works
here to build suspense is so key.

We see those fierce stilettos first, then that slow
pan up the thigh to reveal what she’s wearing
and how she’s styled.

Are those buttocks still magnificent?
It’s the first thing we want to know
when we hear there’s a new Rihanna video.

Rihanna and Shakira booty shake song from Aryan Sharma on Vimeo.

Even White Girls Can Pump


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